More info on topics discussed on the show.

Episode 136
Breakup of the Bell system.
April Richardson.
Episode 135
Scooby Dee and Scooby Dum.
Car tire repair kit.
Old lady skydiving.
Episode 134
Jerry Springer twins.
Amelia Bedelia.
Episode 133
NutraSweet gumballs.
Weld County.
Crackleberry Creek.
Episode 131
DQ curl.
Roller coaster photos.
Episode 130
Unmade sequels.
Meow Mix.
Episode 129
Jan Hooks - Brenda the Waitress.
Episode 128
Mexican States.
Ranch dressing.
Episode 127
Mr. Wizard.
Tom Skerritt.
Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie cast.
Episode 126
Australian dog program.
Episode 125
Pop Screen.
Friends of P.
The Rentals featurning Maya Rudolph.
Episode 124
Captain Planet.
Taxi's super depressing theme song.
Plain Doritos.
Garfunkel and Oates.
Episode 123
Princess Caraboo.
Mean Girls.
Episode 122
Tiny water.
Boxed water.
Episode 121
Fonda vs Jolie.
Dave Pirner Hair.
Gilda Radner Hair.
Patti Smith vs Joey Ramone.
Peg A Leg by Hank Hill.
Episode 120
Neil Diamond.
The Punk Singer.
Episode 119
The Source Family.
Suspect Press.
Miep Gies.
Neural Milk Hotel.
Episode 118
Zenni Optical.
Milk commercial.
Episode 117
Good Ol Freda.
Good Hair.
Media Mail.
Episode 116
20 Feet From Stardom.
One Spark Festival.
Episode 115
Map of baby names.
Bill Murray.
Episode 114
Knit flowers on fence.
Kids in the Hall.
Episode 113
Panda teeth.
Breaking Bad.
Episode 112
Chinese zodiac.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Baker's dozen.
Day laborers.
Episode 111
Goat Simulator.
Turtle mating sounds.
Thirteen lined ground squirrel.
Episode 110
Pauly Shore.
90s makeup.
Episode 109
Whacking Day.
The Denver Voice.
Episode 108
Giant noodle.
Fan Fare.
Gates Rubber.
China's empty cities.
Episode 107
Grace Kelly in Denver.
Episode 106
Harold Ramis.
Sloan's Lake.
This used to be Denver.
Episode 105
Whitest Kids U Know tattoo sketch.
Scary Mrs Doubtfire.
Shawshank Full House.
Baby teeth.
Episode 104
Denver escort.
EVB Studio.
Jason and Blake Lively.
Episode 103
Highclere Castle.
Raul Morales.
Jason Sears.
Temple Grandin.
Cinnamon challenge.
Episode 102
Denver's street system.
Opossum massage.
Episode 101
Al Jazeera.
Northern Cities Vowel Shift.
Episode 100
Biff Studio Diaries.
Jesus on google maps.
Family portrait.
Mansfield on Griffin.
Episode 99
EG Daily.
Tom Martino.
Episode 98
Kissing Camels.
Episode 97
Lewis and Clark.
Episode 96
Devil's Tower.
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Gateway Arch.
Episode 95
Car 2Go.
Robot and Frank.
Episode 94
Real Housewives of Disney.
Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
Episode 93
Out of place artifact.
Episode 92
Marcia Wallace.
Barry Pepper.
Episode 91
Jitterbug phone.
Helen Keller.
Mean Mary.
Episode 90
Miss Argentina.
Francis bathtub.
Episode 89
Flanders costume.
Tell Laura I Love Her.
Episode 88
Oklahoma mountains.
Foss Lake.
Riff Raff.
Episode 87
Michael Jackson.
Episode 86
Mary Kate.
Chang and Eng.
Episode 85
Big Dog Robot.
Bomb shelter house for sale.
Trevor Rocks Denver featuring remember the radio.
Episode 84
Bon Iver.
Bosstones dancer Ben Carr.
Roots plagiarism.
Jakob Nowell.
Episode 83
Ghost World.
Pat Mullins.
Alec Baldwin.
Christina Hendricks.
Episode 82
Spicy microwave popcorn.
Episode 81
Axl Rose.
Warwick Davis.
Episode 79
Road sign.
Imperial moustache.
Israel as Yosemite Sam.
Episode 78
Auraria Campus.
Episode 77
Back to the Beach.
Portugal drug policy, not Spain.
Ecstasy and PTSD.
Episode 76
The Wynona Riders.
Shelley Duvall.
Gavin Rossdale.
Episode 75
Micro Machines.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
Episode 74
Toyota Vannnnnnnnn.
JT LeRoy.
Episode 73
Literati Records Podcast.
Blue food.
Episode 72
More cigarettes.
Meat Loaf.
Episode 71
Katherine from Young and the Restless.
Safety coffin.
Shoe tossing.
Episode 70
Marilyn Monroe.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
Linda Thompson and Elvis.
Christo Arkansas River project.
Episode 69
Omaha traffic light.
Logical fallacies.
Episode 68
Jolie-Pitt Black Eyed Peas.
Deep Roy.
Episode 66
Mike Nesmith.
Maori face tattoo.
Star face tattoo.
Mae West.
Bruce Lee.
Episode 65
Gummi Bears.
Return to Oz.
Teen Wolf Flasher.
Episode 64
This Land is Your Land.
Radiolab hair parting episode.
Turning Japanese.
Beth by KISS.
Episode 63
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.
Kansas Free Land.
Gateway Geyser.
Paradise by the Dashboard Light.
McDonald's Riverboat.
Episode 62
Domesticated silver fox.
Anti rape device.
Jeff Fahey.
Episode 61
Horatio memes.
Wayne Newton.
Episode 60
A Fish Called Wanda.
Tard the cat.
Episode 59
Lil Kim.
Episode 58
Three legged elephant.
Short people got no reason to live.
Andrea Bocelli.
Gloomy Sunday.
Episode 57
One buffalo, two buffali.
ABC - Iesha.
Giant George.
Blue whale size.
Episode 56
Fake coyote to scare geese.
Lance Armstrong.
Episode 55
Dunbar Number.
Dirty Diapers.
Birthday Song.
Tooth Sharpening.
Mel Blanc.
Episode 54
Radiolab memory episode.
Gary Oldman in Tiptoes.
Mohr Stories.
Episode 53
Holidays by month.
I'm fat and nobody likes me.
Emery board.
Fun Dip.
Episode 52
Rules of Attraction.
The War of the Worlds.
Episode 51
Pocket dialing 911.
Santa Fe Art District.
Goats in barn.
Episode 50
Common descent.
Dumbo's Circus.
Penelope Princess of Pets.
Episode 49
Bunsen burner.
Control of fire by humans.
Episode 48
Poodle Moth.
Amy Winehouse before drugs.
Joey Ramone.
Episode 47
Daylight saving time.
Mountain pine beetle.
Episode 46
Sundown laws.
40 acres and a mule.
DIA demon horse.
Knute Rockne.
Episode 45
Crow adopts family.
Gilly goat.
Episode 44
Sign language for pig.
Bigfoot story and Ghillie suit.
Patterson Gimlin film.
Care Bears movie scary book.
Episode 43
Mike Watt - Against the 70s.
Honey Boo Boo.
San Francisco 1906.
Stranger Danger is bullshit.
Episode 42
Harold Camping.
Episode 41
Denver courthouse.
Teach the Children Well.
Handwriting analysis.
Episode 40
Rat Pack.
2 actors 1 character.
Mariska Hargitay.
Episode 39
Bad Girls Club.
Amanda Kimmel new show.
Yacht Rock.
To Be Loved.
Episode 38
Laugh In.
Bus lady.
Powers Boothe.
Episode 37
Charter schools are public and private.
Therapeutic touch.
Peace Pilgrim.
Marijuana Pepsi.
Episode 36
Lynne Fenton.
Willie B.
Episode 35
It's Waterloo, not honey dew.
Etoro tribe.
St. Louis Zoo.
Episode 34
Herbal cigarettes.
Tori from Saved by the Bell.
South Platte River.
Episode 33
The nothing.
Bound feet.
British lawyers.
Wallace Shawn.
Episode 32
Brain Age.
Harmony Equine Center.
Donkey Santa.
Ice harvesting.
Pony express.
Episode 31
Scott Foley.
Boiling Points.
Never get busted again.
Episode 30
Swamp cooler.
Mr. Wizard.
Pheromone research in humans.
Episode 29
Origin of the F word.
Episode 28
Cotillion class for children.
Gas station etiquette.
Episode 27
South Africa.
Die Antwoord.
The Kendalls.
Something Stupid.
What Would You Do?
Subway violinist.
Episode 26
Cobalt blue tarantula.
Wilson Philips reality show.
New math.
Chris Lilley.
Episode 25
Harold and Maude.
Westword Web Awards.
Alan Freed.
McNichols Arena.
Episode 24
Dwarf elephants.
3D printing.
Puzz 3D.
Episode 23
Doves are pigeons.
Palm reading.
Ruthless People.
EG Daily.
Mindy in lipstick.
Urban Survival Fitness.
Episode 22
Passing lane info.
We hate this song.
Randi and a graphologist.
Gimme Pizza!
Skate keys.
Learn to drive with Goofy.
Chapi Chapo.
Episode 21
Denver March Powwow.
Stolen Generations.
Ode to Billie Joe.
Celestial Seasonings Tour.
Episode 20
Phantom Limb.
Mike the Chicken.
Cheng and Eng.
The wick effect.
Baby goats.
Higgs Boson.
Episode 19
Come to Pueblo.
Nip it.
Buzz Aldrin on UFOs.
Steve Novella on Edgar Mitchell.
Carl Sagan on UFOs
Speed of dark.
Episode 18
Kettle bell workout.
Flood proof housing.
Railroad vehicles.
Alex Jones.
Ride the ducks!
Va a Mexico!
Mr. Burns' social security number.
Scary cat santa.
Episode 17
R.I.P. Whiteny Houston.
Maya Rudolph is still funny.
What is urolagnia?
Chuck Berry in 1955.
Skrillex in 2011.
Episode 16
Dave Peterson's work is found here.
Beer is big business in Colorado.
What is mead?
What is malt liquor?
GG Allin was an American artist.
Episode 15
Viva Mexico!
Oklahoma has several beautiful mountain ranges.
Replogle globe.
Far side of the moon.
Otis at the Monterey Pop Festival 1967.
Natural burial.
Episode 14
Bad Weather California is an amazing band.
Once in a while it'll snow.
What is a turn signal?
Totem pole.
Episode 13
The Representative from Corwood.
All About Mules.
Fast Food Nation is a Popular Book.
Critical Analysis of Claims Regarding Organic Foods.
Episode 12
More info on the Pueblo County animal raid including video.
Mugshot of the hoarder. Yes, that's a lady.
Dr. Steve Brule.
Casey Heynes.
Legalize it, Colorado!
Episode 11
2011 Pyschic Prediction Scorecard.
What is a hoosier?
Colorado Outdoor Lab.
Tamriel is a beautiful and magical land.
Aspen, Colorado has a homeless shelter. Who knew?
Colorado Facts:
State Bird Lark Bunting
State Motto - Nil sine numine (Nothing without providence)
Statehood 1876
State Tree Colorado Blue Spruce
The national weather service says several states receive more sunshine than Colorado.
Episode 10
Ghostbusters car.
The Oklahoma Land Run of 1889.
The most racist dog name of all.
Navajo Nation, USA.
Dolly Parton is amazing.
Episode 9
California Dreams was a horrible show.
Common Descent - Please read and learn a little about evolutionary biology!
More info on fur farming.
More info on atheism.
An essay on skepticism from Carl Sagan.
Survivor is a fantastic show.