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BIFF RETURNS! Larimer Lounge, Denver CO, 10pm!!! BE THERE!!!
08/21/02 Biff has officially disbanded
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Two brand new photo galleries from our recording sessions for ICBD
Biff the first to record in New Noise Studios
10/06/00 Misc. updates this week, the biggest update being the discography section!
02/25/00 Biff's third album "President Biff" officially released.
09/08/97 Biff plays their first show in Joe's front yard in honor of a friend's birthday.

By Dave Peterson

The beginning of Biff is the story of Elysium:
In the fall of 1995 my parents gave me guitar for my 14th birthday. It was a black Fender Stratocaster (“Squire” - standard for beginners). By Christmas my best friend Joe had received a drum set and we were ready to start our band (never mind the fact that neither of us knew how to play…that was only a minor detail we would work out as we went along). We both took guitar and drum lessons from the same guy; a burnt-out, drug-fried, 60’s left over…he was great! Our band was called “Elysium”, a Greek word I found while flipping through the dictionary. It basically translates to mean “heaven” (note, incidentally, we like virtually all teens at the time were huge fans of “Nirvana”). Later that spring, while attending the second half of our 8th grade year, we met Cory Jensen. Cory had been playing guitar for much of his childhood and was very interested in joining our band. Even though his mother initially said no, within a few weeks she was dropping him off at practice. Cory and I alternated playing bass and guitar and he quickly picked up the songs Joe and I had written. Within a couple of months we had produced a full length album featuring 10 original songs. Our recording process consisted of sticking a boom box tape recorder in a trashcan down the hall from our basement practice space. Later I dubbed vocals on it with my karaoke machine. This shamefully low fidelity release was distributed to many of our classmates at Parker Vista middle school. As a result we were black listed from the local music scene for many years to come. Shortly after beginning high school we found a new friend and bass player, Sean O’Toole. Things were going well for the band for about six months when a strange thing happened… Joe, in a courageous act, simultaneously quit and was kicked out of Elysium. We were less than pleased with Joe as a drummer. Joe was unhappy as a drummer and far more interested in playing bass. All the while I had begun playing drums and was very interested in the prospect of becoming the Elysium drummer…and so in the late spring of 1997, a four piece became a three piece, and Joe found himself without a band.

Biff: a pity band?
It the early summer of 1997, Cory and I felt so sorry for our band-less friend Joe, that we decided to extend a helping hand to our friend in need. And so, it was out of sheer pity that Biff was founded. It was decided that I would resume my role as singer/guitarist, Joe would be able to continue to explore his new found talents on the bass, and Cory would do his best to keep simple beats on Joe’s old drum set. We were originally called “The Psychedelic Meadow Muffins” – it was just something one of us had heard somewhere and we liked the sound of it (note, none of had ever used Psilocybin mushrooms and I for one had no idea what the term meant). We rehearsed as often as we could over that summer… creating Biff classics such as “Corinous Jensenous”, “Choose Your Beast” and “Screaming Song”. We played our first show for a group of friends in Joe’s front yard on September 8th, 1997 (his parents were away in Hawaii).

Biff becomes Biff
Later that same year an epiphany struck me as I was enjoying a re-watching of one of my favorite science-fiction adventure movies “Back to the Future”… We should call our band Biff! I knew it was perfect because we sucked! We biffed all the time! The whole thing really felt like sort of a joke anyway…so it seemed like the best possible name for us. After gaining approval from my band mates, we were known from that day forward only as Biff. It is conceivable that our name has always lent itself to our mission, purpose and essence more so than most bands. Being called Biff allowed us to be silly. It enabled us to write humors songs, while performing comedic sketches. Our name allowed us to push the limits and stretch the boundaries. We were allowed to make mistakes and to be ourselves…outcasts, nobodies, rejects, and proud. It was a powerful identity that we wore well, then and now.

Biff in the late 90’s (1998-1999)

Over the next several years played a decent amount of shows around our hometown. We soon became known for our outlandish screaming and ridiculous onstage antics. We released another poorly produced low-fi demo entitled “The Biff Experience” (featured on Biffcast #17). In the fall of 1999, after spending my summer’s savings on a Yamaha MD 8 track recorder, Biff produced our first digitally recorded, full-length album “Biff-O-Rama”. This was a big deal! It was the first time we had ever distributed our music on compact disc! At the time we really thought it sounded amazing! It didn’t… Nevertheless, the album was fairly popular among our high school peers for its vulgarity, inappropriate bathroom humor and unabashed references to our classmate Ben Yanetta; who was notoriously angry.

Cory quits the band
Soon after the release of “Biff-O-Rama”, Cory decided he wanted out. It seemed to us that he was embarrassed to be affiliated with the band. He was shy about distributing our album and reluctant to play shows. The final straw for Cory came when I went against his wishes and booked Biff at our high school’s talent show, aka “Club PHS”. He showed up to the gig with somewhat of a protest sign that he proudly displayed on the kick drum of his drum set. It read: “Biff sucks! I quit!” This was the last time Cory preformed with Biff on the drums.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Mouse!
It’s amazing how the universe works sometimes…within days of Cory quitting the band, Joe had already found us a new drummer. Matt Alvord happened to be in the same art class as Joe. Having heard of Cory’s recent departure, Mr. Alvord expressed his interest in filling his shoes. Matt was impressed with Biff-O-Rama release and we were blown away by him! With our new, very talented drummer, we were headed for bigger, better places. This chapter of Biff’s history was also humorously chronicled on the original, presented as a Star Wars parody, click here to watch.

The Bifmas and President Biff era (1999-2000)
Regrettably, Matt’s first undertaking in his new band was to aid us in creating our infamous “Bifmas” album. In December of 1999, we gathered in my parent’s basement to construct an odious collection of sexually defaced Christmas songs and holiday themed comedy sketches. A few track titles included “Pubes for Christmas”, “Rudolf the Fat Ass Reindeer” and “Deck the Balls”. During the recording of “The Twelve Days of Bifmas” we were interrupted by my mother, understandably upset, who said “David! The Language!” – We were then informed that we would have to finish our recording session out in the garage. This album, like Biff-O-Rama, was wildly popular with our peers at school, again due to the sheer vulgarity of it all. If anything ever put Biff on the map…it was Bifmas! Looking back now years later, I am filled with a strangely mixed feeling of shame and nostalgia. The truth is we had a lot of fun making that album! Around this same time we were also very busy writing new songs for what later became the “President Biff” album, which we recorded in January of the year 2000. This was a major turning point for the band and what I could only describe as “the Biff sound”. The “President Biff” album showcased this new sound for Biff. The addition of Matt’s intricate drumming brought new and exciting elements to our music. For the first time we sounded like a real band! The songs were heavier, more sophisticated and complex (musically speaking). Matt was highly influenced by drummers like Tim Alexander, Brain and Danny Carey. He was a wizard on the double bass and the most solid drummer I ever had the privilege of playing with. I sight him now as a tremendous influence on me as the future Biff drummer. The album also featured more comedy sketches Biff had then become known for and it was also well received by our peers at Ponderosa high school.

ICBD, SBIP and the disbanding of Biff (2000-2002)
Joe and I graduated from high school in May of 2000. Biff played a lot of shows that summer as we worked on new material. It was around this time that we released a collection of recordings from our live shows known as “Biff Live”. In the fall of that same year, Matt headed back to school for his senior year, Joe was off to culinary college and I was busy delivering pizzas. On a weekend in later October we piled our gear in my mom’s Ford Expedition and headed for Ft. Collins, Colorado. A bunch of our friends had moved up there for school and had subsequently collected enough recording gear to open a studio in their basement. We rolled into town with the intentions for recording an EP, which was to be the inaugural release of our fledgling independent record label “New Noise Records”. We were ripe with anticipation as we believed that this would be the best sounding Biff album to date…it wasn’t…at least not at first. Due to technical difficulties with computer equipment and recording gear, we ended up using the same portable mini disc 8 track unit we had used to produce our previous albums. Only this time around Matt would use his exceptional computer skills to mix the album digitally. By March of 2001 we had released our 4th studio album: “I.C.B.D”. We played a handful of shows in support of the album, but not much else went on for us that year besides writing and rehearsing for our next album: “S.B.I.P” – 2002 was a rough year for Biff that would ultimately see our demise. The recording of our 5th album was tedious and trying. Differences in opinions on a number of topics led to disagreements and tension in the band. Many unfruitful trips to Ft. Collins left a bad taste in our mouths…still we pressed on! Unfortunately though, by the time the album was finished, so were we. Incidentally, this was not the primary reason for Biff parting ways. We broke up in towards the end of the summer in 2002 pragmatically enough because Joe had decided he was moving with a friend to Arizona. Matt and I then rather quickly formed a new band we called “Apsis” (which featured Cory Jensen as singer), despite the fact that in the end Joe did not move anywhere. He was once again without a band, only this time we obviously felt much less sorry for him.

The Biffless years (2002-2006)
Biff endured a lengthy hiatus spanning nearly four years. During this time Matt, Cory and I enjoyed rocking our hard-prog-rock band Apsis, along with our lovely and talented bass player Rita Schillereff. A few years down the road in 2005, I also became involved with a side project with a couple of my buddies from my job at Papa John’s. We called ourselves the “Worrymen”. We were primarily a punk rock band with reggae and dub step influences…this band featured myself on drums, Jon Frailey playing guitar and Seth Yannacone and Laurel Bucholtz on vocals…in fact we all took turns singing. This too was a very fun band to have been a part of and I’m proud of the albums we produced in a few years we were together. Most importantly (for Biff’s sake), playing in Worrymen got Seth and I well acquainted.

The world needed Biff
In the years that followed our breakup, Biff had quickly become my own personal goldmine of nostalgia. I loved being in the band, I loved our music, I loved who we were and what we were all about. Most of all I missed it desperately and I often found myself in various states of reminiscent longing for the good ol’ days of Biff. At the time I was living with friends in a house where we had ample recording gear in our basement at my disposal. I was constantly writing and recording demo songs…it’s no surprise that some of these songs started sounding a lot like Biff! As soon as the idea for a “Biff Returns” album hit me, I called up my old pal Joe. To my delight, Joe seemed more than willing to lend his bass playing skills for my preconceived reunion album. We soon went to work creating a plethora of new Biff material. Things were going great, but I soon realized it wouldn’t be the same without our former drummers. After informing Matt and Cory of our project, they both agreed to cameo appearances on the album. When we first set out to make this album I had no intentions of actually getting the band back together…but that’s exactly what happened next.

Biff…once again, a pity band (2006-2007)
Sometime in mid 2006 the Worrymen called it quits. This had been Seth’s first real band and he took the breakup pretty hard…and yes, I felt sorry for him. All the pieces of our reformation then fell into place, effortlessly and with grace. Seth needed a new band, Seth was a fan of Biff, I wanted to reform Biff, Joe was down to play again…and so it was, Biff was back! We went to work teaching Seth how to play classic Biff songs on guitar, as I had to work out the monumental task of playing Matt’s drum beats while singing. It was slow at first, but soon enough we were not only sounding like the old Biff, but we were writing tons of new stuff as well. On December 4th, 2006 we played our first show as a reunited band at the Larimer Lounge in Denver. The next year, 2007, would see the release of “Biff of Duty”. We also played a ton of shows that year!

More music, videos and podcasts! (2008-2009)
In the years that followed our reassembling, Biff once again became a prolific and stoppable creative force. In 2008 we released “F.F.I.B” – our 9th studio album, along with “ReBiff” – a re-produced/re-recorded collection of classic Biff songs. Also that year, as technology and finances permitted, I purchased new video cameras and we began producing music videos and a web series entitled “Biff – Studio Diaries”. This was an exciting time to be interested in video production, as it was the first time in history (thanks to the internet) that we could create videos for a much larger audience. It was around this time that we began producing the Biff podcast, which were originally mean to serve as a forum for Biff news and information. It later evolved into yet another way to document our experience and history in the band. In the late spring of 2009 we released our EP “You’ve Been Biffed” - which has long been a band favorite. By the end of 2009 we had transitioned to a new rehearsal space and subsequently lost our basement recording studio. But this did not stop us from producing new albums. No sir!

Five minutes with Biff and Seth's borken hand (2010 – 2014)
By 2010 I was very busy managing grad school, two bands and a full time job. Biff was focused on writing and recording songs for our “Biff or Die” album…but it wouldn't be released until the following year. During this period we were also occupied with producing another web series entitled “Five Minutes with Biff”… a mocumentary, sitcom style, slice of life with Biff. These were five minute long episodes, many of which were inspired by true events. The show was meant to show exaggerated versions of ourselves, the dynamics between us and the struggles we face within the band. Filming the episodes was usually like pulling teeth as it was very tedious and time consuming. We started producing season two of the show in 2011. It took us about three years to complete. Throughout 2012 and 1213, we wrote songs for an album we wanted to entitle "Biff Does Texas". This was a trying time for the band. We pretty much stopped playing shows and it seemed like the general consensus was we were less than thrilled with the material we were producing. These songs intended for the would be "Biff Does Texas" album were eventually released as a six song EP. In early 2014, Seth broke his hand playing a pick up game of basketball. While he recovered Biff was on a bit of hiatus. However, during this time I was having a burst of song writing inspiration and prolificacy. I spent long evenings at our practice space writing and recording what would later become our 14th studio album, in Seth's honor, the amply titled: "While Your Hand was Broken". I took care of the vocals, drums and guitars. Joe provided his talents on the low end. The lyrical content of the album served as a much need avenue of self-expression for me at the time, as I was dealing with the fear and anxiety of an upcoming monumental life change...Fatherhood!

Dave's fatherhood and motorcycle accident (2014 – Present)
On July 11, 2014 I was riding my motorcycle home from work. A car pulled in front of my and we collided. I was rushed to Denver Health medical center. I had a ruptured spleen and repertory bleeding. After being comatose for 9 days, I awoke up to find a two foot wound on my abdomen. My spleen had been removed. Unfortunately, while all this was going on, I missed the birth our first son, Bryson. My recovery went well and I was back on my feet again soon enough. SInce the accident, Biff has not done much jamming as a proper band. This is due to our busy schedules with school (Seth), family (Dave) and videogames (Joe). However, Biff seems to be evolving into an on going artistic project and outlet for our creativity. Fans can count on us to continue producing studio songs, Five Minutes with Biff episodes, music videos and who knows...maybe even a show here and there. Keep your eyes and ears open for what Biff does next!


Chronology with track lists and Dave's production notes:

2017: "The Last Biff Album"
The year 2016 started with music. Continuing with my solitary studio tradition, I wrote and recorded Biff songs throughout January. Before long I had another batch of Biff songs that was sounding pretty kickass. It took forever to mix them as usual. I was planning on having Joe record bass on the songs, but he was busy and I was busy, so I said fuck it and did it all myself. A lot of the songs on this one ended up being pretty experimental. I knew it was going to be the last Biff album, so what better title could I give it? Simplistic, obvious, hilarious. This is it fellas! Take a bow..

01. The Beginning of the End
02. Sowing Seeds
03. If I Am My Brain
04. Biff is Fucking Dead
05. Fragile Machine
06. Ongoing Compounded Misery
07. Unabashedly Behold
08. Mitigating Fears
09. Funeral

2015: "Post Biff"
Biff didn't play much as a "active band" in 2015, but that didn't stop new Biff songs from being written and recorded. "Post Biff" is the product of Dave and Joe writing more songs in the studio. Seth makes a cameo as well. "Post Biff" is a "Post-rock" album. "Post-rock" is defined as: a subgenre of rock music characterized by the influence and use of instruments commonly associated with rock, but using rhythms and "guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures" not traditionally found in rock. Post-rock bands are often without vocals. Oh...and there's some smartphone synthesizer too!

01. Preamble
02. Deny the Inevitable and Feel Safe
03. Run from the Walker
04. Before this Crowded Storefront
05. Silver and Bruce
06. The Burning Man wants to Die
07. More Here than in Any Other Place on Earth
08. Sharp Contrast in Dull Light
09. Cerebral Cortex Catastrophe
10. Aubade
11. Eleven Thirteen
12. Postamble

2014: "While Your Hand Was Broken"
In early 2014 Seth broke his hand playing basketball. Biff was therefore on hiatus. For whatever reason, Dave was feeling an intense wave of inspiration and prolifically. In just a few months time he wrote and recorded 12 new Biff tracks. Soon Joe lent his bass talents to the project and boom! The 14th studio Biff album was born. Some have held this to be "The Best Biff Album Ever". You decide..

01. No Retrograde
02. Housebreaker
03. Screamblr
04. My Blood
05. Insulted
06. Blue Ruin
07. Nightmares About Monsters
08. Tattoos
09. Skeletal
10. The Grandest Gate
11. Broken Hand
12. The End is Fear

2012: "Biff Sucks at Playing Their Own Songs"
"Biff Sucks at Playing Their Own Songs" - one night Matt came over to our practice space to jam. I decided to set up some mics and this album was the result. We played some classic tracks and made up some new stuff as we went along. We barrowed a crowd from a popular 80's I guess you'd have to say it's a not-so-live album...but whatever works! The sexy narrator came complements of google translate.

01. FFIB
02. It's a Trap*
03. The Carrot Danglers
04. Ill Comprehension
05. Your Bullet, Your Foot*
06. Stop the Madness*
07. SBIP
08. Berkaba*
09. Fast and Furious
10. Grand Slam
11. Release the Hounds*
12. Let's Just Jam*
13. Piss in the Wind*
14. What's That

2011: "Biff or Die"
With "Biff or Die", our 10th studio album, we set out to make the heaviest, most kickass, Biff joint yet. And yes, we were successful. We were all watching a lot of Metalocalypse at the time...Dethklok can definitely be named as an influence. The majority of the album was recorded in a practice space we rented in Denver, Colorado. It was pretty ritzy as far as practice spaces go...too rich for our blood. After about a year we moved to far cheaper and shittier practice space where we completed the album. In a lot of ways "Biff or Die" is a concept album. Every song title has some version of the word death or die in it...which interestingly enough harkens back to song on our very first "Biff-O-Rama" album "Death Metal". The opening track "Even the Sun Will Die" was inspired by a audio program of the same title by Eckhart Tolle. Long time friend and fan of the band Israel Ramos is featured on "Drogas de la Muerte" as we utilized his Spanish speaking skills. That song was meant to be a tribute to an acquaintance of ours who died from a drug overdose. The album ends with an epic instrumental track Seth named "I Dream of Death" aka "IDOD". I for one have never been more proud of any piece of music I helped compose. Other themes of the album include death of relationships, a general awareness of impending mortality, and overcoming the fear of death so that we can truly lives our lives, fearless. The title of the album really is a spoof on popular original Nintendo game "Skate or Die". However, the phrase "Biff or Die" was something a co-worker of mine blurted out once when I was telling him about the band.

01. Even the Sun Will Die
02. Honey Bunches of Death
03. Bore the Brunt
04. Something Deadly's Brewing
05. Drogas de la Muerte
06. Death of a King
07. Biff or Die
08. I Dream of Death

2010: "The Worst of BIff"
There is truly only one reason why "The Worst of Biff" album exist... Biff has released an album every year since we reformed in 2007, and well, 2010 was a slow year. We did not create a new album, so we did the next best thing...we rehashed some old shit. We had a couple of rejected songs from You've Been Biffed, so we tacked those on as bonus tracks. In the real world, record companies do this all the time so that people will actually buy their piece of shit "Best of" albums. It was a great opportunity to show case a few b-sides that didn't make the final cut: "First Impressions, Hoverboards Don't Work on Water" and "Cliffhanger".

01. First Impressions
02. Fast and Furious
03. Fuck Plan B
04. Mercury Have Mercy
05. Hoverboards Don't Work on Water
06. Ahh Fuck
07. Ill Comprehension
08. Biff Warriors
09. Incert
10. Broca's Aphasia
11. ICBD
12. What's That
13. BEEF
14. Cliffhanger
15. Biff of Duty
16. Grand Slam
17. FFIB
18. Injustice in Ecuador

2009: "You've Been Biffed"
"You've Been Biffed" our 10th studio album was most definitely one our best. Hard hitting, short and sweet. It was the last album to be recorded at the "Mission Control Studio" we had set up in the basement of the house we rehearsed in. Joe has often reminded me it's the best sounding Biff album and we'll never have another sound as good. Joe is credited with coming up with the title of this one...a title that inspired me to be willing to get pushed over Seth's back many times for the cover photo shoot. The song "Apsis" was given it's title because it sounded like an Apsis song...which was my former band. The title stuck and the lyrics are related. Dave Peterson: drums, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals -Seth Yannacone: guitar, backup vocals.

01. The Carrot Danglers
02. Fuck Plan B
03. BEEF
04. Victim of Circumstance
05. Apsis
06. Rock/Hardplace

2008: "FFIB"
"FFIB" - our 9th studio album. The acronym in the title stand for "Finding Fault In Bitches", and is coincidentally Biff spelled backwards. The title track is all about the female adolescents I've worked with over the years as a counselor...and how they find fault with each other I guess. I put a lot of work into some of the vocal harmonies and it was fun adding keyboards to some of the songs. The cover photos were shot in Joe's parent's front yard. That's right, they have a caboose in their front yard. The guns, of course, came from Joe's personal collection. The photos were taken by our friend Gia, who we met while working at Papa John's Pizza. Dave Peterson: drums, vocals, guitar- Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals -Seth Yannacone: guitar, backup vocals.

01. The Beast Within
02. Commandeer
03. FFIB
04. Aja Minor
05. Vee For Victory
06. Chivalry
07. 40 Hours
08. Toilet
09. Hint O' Piss
10. Mercury Have Mercy
11. Wanna Be

2008: "ReBiff"
"ReBiff" is the album that gave Biff a second chance... and of course we failed again! We always liked a lot of our older songs but we were unhappy with the quality of the recordings, so we decided to redo them! So this is a collection of a bunch of old Biff songs that we reproduced. It was fun going back and reliving the past. A few songs definitely turn out improved...others were just as good... others may have turned out worst. But that's up to opinion. The album cover was a lot of fun to make. None of us had changed clothes so many times in our lives. We put a green screen behind us. That's why there a shitty green tent to all the photos...oops! Live and learn. The word with Biff shuffle includes clips from the word with Biff skits on Biff-O-Rama and President Biff. I created the music with Fruty Loops and a Microkorg. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals, drums - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals -Seth Yannacone: guitar, backup vocals.

01. Gather Around
02. Corinous Jensenous
03. Grand Slam
04. Fast and Furious
05. Disturbing Behavior
06. Ahh Fuck
07. Word with Biff Shuffle
08. Fan of Urination
09. Biff Blues
10. ICBD
11. Return of the Bitch
12. It's All Good
13. Sperm Factory
14. Nantucket
15. Screaming Song

2007: "Biff of Duty"
"Biff of Duty" our 7th studio album, was the first to feature newcomer Seth Yannacone on the guitar. At this point in our history, the new Biff lineup just came to fruition. The album was recorded using Cubase in our basement studio. "Brick by Brick" was the first song we wrote together as a band. I joined Seth in playing guitar on about half of the album. I guess I was having a hard time letting go of this role. The album title came from a conversation Joe had a with a friend at the videogame store. I'm not exactly sure what they were talking about, but the popular videogame "Call of Duty" and Biff were somehow linked, resulting in "Biff of Duty". The cover photographs feature weapons and other WWII memorabilia from Joe's personal collection. The concept for "Stuck in Yuma" came from Abraham-Hicks. "Frustration" was inspired by Cory Jensen, who is to Biff as Sid Barred was to Pink Floyd. "Rewind" is about Superman, also known as Christopher Reeves. The title track "Biff of Duty" features stock war sounds I found on the internet, plus drums from my good old Roland SPD11 electronic drum pad. This song was meant to be a neutral song about war that everyone could enjoy regardless of political affiliation. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals, drums - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals -Seth Yannacone: guitar, backup vocals.

01. Mischievous
02. Brick by Brick
03. Frustration
04. Stuck in Yuma
05. Transcendental Aesthetic
06. Venerate
07. Be That as it May
08. The Reptile Slug
09. Rewind
10. Biff of Duty

2006: "Biff Returns"
"Biff Returns" our 6th studio album...marked the return of Biff after a 5 year hiatus. At the time I had no conscious intentions of getting the band back together. After taking many nostalgic trips down memory lane I found myself dreaming of having a reunion with the guys. The album is that reunion, which of course led to the reforming of Biff later in 2006. The album was mostly written and performed by myself and Joe. It featured both original drummers, Cory Jensen and Matt Alvord on a few select tracks. This was meant to be an experimental album that stretched the limits of what Biff had previously done. The album also featured Drew Chiacchieri on the bass on "The Point of No Return" and he also gave a drunken interview about the album that is featured as a bonus track. The last track entitled "The Coolest Guy" was an old Biff song that had previously made it on any albums. It's all about a good friend we had in high school, Chris Gall. Where ever you are buddy, we wish you well! Upon reflection, I declare this album marks the height of my guitar talent. It's been downhill ever since. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals, drums - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals - Matt Alvord: drums - Cory Jensen: drums.

01. Without Further Ado
02. Biff Returns
03. Vibe of the New
04. Decision Time
05. Best Day
06. Derka Jihad
07. Ode to Thomas
08. Scream and Shout
09. Heart on Sleeve
10. The Point of No Return
11. Pieces of the Puzzle
12. Self Help Jam
13. Higher Ground
14. Heavy and Weightless
15. The Coolest Guy
16. Radio Interview (96.5 kFuk)

2002: "SBIP"
"SBIP" - our 5th studio album, will be forever remembered as the album that killed Biff... at least in our first incarnation. This was due to the fact that we broke up soon after it was completed. We made many frustrating trips from Denver to Ft. Collins to produce this album that we all felt was...well, pretty much a piece of shit. We were overall displeased with the whole project. SBIP was recorded on an early version of Cubase. The album opens with an epic 9:44 minute song "Released", which was mixed by Matt. The song originally had lyrics, but because of my poor vocal performance we decided to cut them out and leave it as an insrumental...for quite a while the working title for the song was "Cunt Slam". The rest of the album was mixed by long time friend of Biff: John Hruska. SBIP was the first Biff album to feature one of our flag ship songs "Fast and Furious". It also included a great instrumental song entitled "Broca's Aphasia". A Helmet cover was also included at Matt's request. The album featured a version of "Damn" which had evolved into a mashup of Damn with the middle of "Choose Your Beast" tacked on at the end. The title of the album was a spoof on a 1970's science fiction film Soylent Green. Only in Biff's world "Soylent Brown Is Poop" - the title track is a jammy instrumental song. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals - Matt Alvord: drums.

01. Released
02. Damn
03. Get Down
04. Fast and Furious
05. Broca's Aphasia
06. Ahh Fuck
07. Fucking Liar
08. Biff Warriors
09. I Can't See
10. Injustice in Ecuador
11. Unsung (Helmet)
12. SBIP

2000: "ICBD"
"ICBD" - our 4th studio album, an EP, and the first album we recorded under our Ft. Collins based "New Noise Records" independent label. The recording process was very trying for the band. Due to issues with a piece of shit computer, we once again ended up recording the album on my trusty Yamaha MD8. Our good pal John Hruska acted as engineer and he mixed a version of the album that we released on cassette tape entitled "Demolition Demo". We were never very pleased with this mix, so Matt decided to produce an alternative version using a version of the Cakewalk audio program. The result ended up being the ICBD release. Matt also tackled the artwork on this album. Inspirited by the band's love of bowling, he used Poser 4 to create triumphant silhouetted images of the band, posing in what appears to be a post apocalyptic wasteland. If one downloads the cover, opens it in a digital art program, then turns up the contrast, a funny surprise will be revealed. The album included a few repeater tracks previously featured on Biff-O-Rama and President Biff. We felt these songs deserved to re-recorded in higher quality. The title track, which stands for "Inter Continental Ballistic Dick" was inspirited by a terrible movie I once saw...Mission to Mars. Uck! Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals - Matt Alvord: drums.

01. Intro
02. Vent
03. What's That
04. Bullshit
05. Ill Comprehension
06. Living Hell
07. ICBD
08. Outro

2000: "Biff Live"
"Biff Live "- our first live album was recorded at various Biff shows during the spring of the year 2000. The album is comprised of the audio captured from camcorders as friends filmed our various performances. The majority of the songs were recorded at Eck's Saloon (Lakewood, CO). This was the first time we preformed "ICBD". Biff fans will notice I hadn't written or memorized all the lyrics. Listen for the very intoxicated individual generously giving us feedback throughout the set. Other locations include The Garden Theatre (Greeley, CO), Ponderosa high school (Parker, CO) and some random barn we played in (Parker, CO). This album also features the premier performance of "Ill Comprehension". The photo on the cover was taken by Andrew D'Amore, as Joe ruthlessly smashed his Peavey bass after the aforementioned barn show. If you listen at the end of "Screaming Song" you can hear Joe bashing that thing good! Video clips from these shows and other can be seen on our "Moments of Shame" page and the live shows page in the video section. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals - Matt Alvord: drums.

01. Cornious Jensenous
02. Disturbing Behavior
03. ICBD
04. Return of the Bitch
05. Jock Itch
06. It's All Good
07. What's That
08. Nantucket
09. Ill Comprehension
10. Grand Slam
11. Injustice in Ecuador
12. Screaming Song

2000: "President BIff"
"President Biff" is our 3rd studio album, and the first non-Christmas related album to feature "Beat Visionary" Matt Favored on the drums. All the songs were written and recorded in our music shack located in my parent's backyard in Parker, Colorado, during our senior year of high school. The whole concept for the album came about after I took a family vacation to Washington DC over Christmas break. While there I took the photo for the album cover in front of the White House with a cardboard cut out of Slick Willie. We used a Yamaha MD8 as our primary piece of recording gear, along with an Alesis Miniverb for effects processing (which you hear Joe complain about in "Another Word with Biff"). The cool keyboard sounds on "Tampex Nightmares" were created with a Korg Triton, provided by our friend Brian Shepard. The instrumental track "Return of the Bitch" features sample from hit movies from our childhood: Ghostbusters and Batman. The song "Grand Slam" was inspired by a story Henry Rollins tells in his classic memoir "Get in the Van" about his band mate who had a "Grand Slam Breakfast" at Denny's in honor of the four girls he had sex with the night before. Caren Hall, a friend and art classmate, painted our portraits for the back cover. Joe also dated her for a short time. The original CD release featured several bonus live tracks that were recorded at Himmie's Pub in Aurora, Colorado; which later became Bottoms Up Tavern, which later became Wyatt's Torch Bar, which later went out of business. We had to get notarized work permits to play there due to our young ages. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, backup vocals - Matt Alvord: drums.

01. President Biff
02. Bull Shit
03. Grand Slam
04. Masturbation Olympics
05. Disturbing Behavior
06. Ahh Fuck
07. Another Word With Biff
08. Fan of Urination
09. Insert
10. Ass Solo
11. Return of the Bitch
12. Biff Blues
13. Tampex Nightmares
14. What's That
15. Sperm Factory
16. Profanity in the Canyon
17. Biff Warriors
18. Breast Chant
19. Biff is a Sex Machine

1999: "Bifmas"
"Bifmas"- Our notorious Christmas album. By far our most famous among our high school peers. This was yet another Shitass records release we produced in our music shack with my Yamaha Mini-disc 8 track recorder. It consists of sexually defaced Christmas songs and comedy sketches. I think the whole idea for this project was inspired by our hatred for Christmas music ...specifically the lame, kiddie, commercialized type Christmas music...Santa and Rudolf, etc. It can certainly be said that we were young and immature. Looking back now, from my current psychologically educated viewpoint, I can help but speculate about why we were so obsessed with sex...oh, that's right...we were teenage boys! While we were recording "The Twelve Days of Bifmas" in my bedroom, we were interrupted by my mother who said, and I quote: "David! The Language!" - we were then informed we would have to move our recording session out to the shed. The keyboards on the album were made possible by our buddy Brian Shepard. Cory, who had recently quit the band, was still willing to help us out with another band argument on "A Holiday Word with Biff" and he also played some Country-style guitar on "Hick Christmas". Sean O'Toole also help us on that particular track with some addition hick-esk hoots. This album, as embarrassing as it now is to listen to, share with friends and think about, still has a special nostalgic place in our hearts. I for one revisit it ever holiday season.

01. Intro - Santa is on His Way!
02. Winter Wonderland
03. Caroler's Death
04. Pubes for Christmas (part I)
05. Announcement
06. Eultide Log
07. Christmas Cock
08. Deck the Balls
09. The Irate Snowman
10. Hick Christmas
11. Rudolph the Fat-Ass Reindeer
12. Mistletoe
13. A Holiday Word with Biff
14. Christmas Ben
15. Pubes for Christmas (part II)
16. The Twelve Days of Bifmas
17. What the Fuck?
18. Eggnog Buddy
19. Christmas Tree for You, $1.99
20. Classic Bifmas Fuck-ups

1999: "Biff-O-Rama"
"Biff-O-Rama" - our first full length album. All the songs were written and recorded in our music shack located in my parent's backyard in Parker, Colorado, during our senior year of high school. We used a Yamaha MD8 as our primary piece of recording gear. I had worked all summer to buy this portable studio and so it was very exciting to be producing what seemed to be (at the time) very good sounding recordings. The album is comedic through and through. We were young kids having fun...and nothing from our dirty teenage minds was held back. Dave Peterson: guitar, vocals - Joe Dandurand: bass, screaming - Cory Jensen: drums.

01. Gather Around
02. Cornious Jensenous
03. Jock Itch
04. Cow's Asses?
05. Choose Your Beast
06. Quote the Ben
07. A Word With Biff
08. POS
09. Rap Song
10. Damn
11. Spanking the Monkey
12. It's All Good
13. Death Metal
14. Hot Dog Cop
15. Nantucket
16. Screaming Song

Chronology: 1997 through 2014


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SEPT 29th 2012 - Bushwacker's Saloon- 1967 Broadway , Denver, CO 8pm
JUNE 23rd 2012 - Bushwacker's Saloon- 1967 Broadway , Denver, CO 9pm
JAN 22nd 2012 - Larimer Lounge - 2721 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 5pm
AUG 6th 2011 - "The Buffalo Rose" 1119 Washington Ave - Golden CO
JUNE 24th 2011 - Club Fix 753 Santa Fe Dr., Denver CO
FEB 16th 2011 - Herman's Hideaway, 1578 S. Broadway, Denver CO
JUNE 5h 2010 - PT's Club Inferno - 1601 W. Evan Ave, Denver
MAR 13th 2010 - Biff at Quijote's Terrace! 3700 Morrison Road, Denver+ CO
FEB 5th 2010 - the Larimer Lounge! 2721 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 9pm
NOV 30th 2009 - PT's Club Inferno - 1601 W. Evan Ave, Denver, CO
OCT 24th 2009 - Old Curtis Street Bar, 2100 Curtis St. Denver, CO>
SEPT 10th 2009 - Old Curtis Street Bar, 2100 Curtis St. Denver, CO
MAY 23rd 2009 - PT's Club Inferno - 1601 W. Evan Ave, Denver, CO
MAR 29th 2009 - Spillway grill - Aurora, CO
FEB 22nd 2009 - Spillway Grill Parker and Quincy, Aurora CO
JAN 2nd 2009 - THREE KINGS TAVERN! 9pm - 60 S, Broadway, Denver, CO
DEC 10th 2008 - Biff returns to the Larimer Lounge! 2721 Larimer Street, Denver, CO
NOV 7th 2008 - Biff at the Lion's Lair... 2022 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO
AUG 30th 2008 - PT's Club Inferno - 1601 W. Evan Ave, Denver, CO
AUG 8th 2008 - Wyatt's Torch 3124 S. Parker RD, Aurora, CO
AUG 1st 2008 - Rock and Roll Grill, 1531 Champa Street, Denver, CO
JULY 5th 2008 - Bushwacker's Saloon - 1967 South Broadway Denver, CO
FEB 29th 2008 - Wyatt's Torch - 3124 S. Parker RD, (Aurora)
JAN 18th 2008 - Cricket on the Hill (13th and Downing - Denver). 11:30pm.
JAN 9th 2008 - Herman's Hideaway, 1578 S. Broadway, Denver, Colorado - 10:00pm.
NOV 15th 2007 - Cricket on the Hill (13th and Downing - Denver, CO
OCT 18th 2007 - Wyatt's Torch 3124 S. Parker RD, Aurora, CO
OCT 5th 2007- Bender's Tavern 13th and Sherman - Denver, CO
AUG 3rd 2007 - Bruno's Saloon, 8501 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO
JULY 27th 2007- Wyatt's Torch 3124 S. Parker RD, (Aurora) time 9:30pm - WITH VEE!!!
JUNE 29th, 2007- Wyatt's Torch 3124 S. Parker, (Aurora).
JUNE 15th, 2007- Toad Tavern: 5302 So. Federal. Cir., Littleton, CO
JUNE 17th, 2007- Iliff Park Saloon - 2300 South Chambers Road, Aurora, CO
MAY 23rd, 2007 - J.C.'s Ground - 1531 Champa, Denver, CO. 8PM
MAY 19th, 2007- Toad Tavern: 5302 So. Federal. Cir., Littleton, CO
MAY 7th, 2007- Larimer Lounge (Denver) 10:00pm - Contact us for free tickets!
APRIL 24th, 2007 - Herman's Hideaway: 1578 S. Broadway, Denver, CO
APRIL 19th, 2007 - Toad Tavern: 5302 So. Federal. Cir., Littleton, CO 80123
MAR 8th, 2007- Wyatt's Torch - Aurora, CO
FEB 8th, 2007- Larimer Lounge (Denver) 8:00pm
JAN 14th, 2007- Quixotes - 2631 Welton St. (Denver) 9:00pm, $6.00
DEC 4th, 2006 - Larimer Lounge (Denver) 10:00pm -
2005 - NO SHOWS
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JAN 30th 2002 - Cricket on the Hill - Denver, CO
SEPT 15th 2001 - Bug Theatre - Denver, CO
AUG 8th 2001 - Woody's Pizza, Battle of the Bands- Ft Collins, CO
JULY 22nd 2001 - Woody's Pizza - Ft Collins, CO
JULY 13th 2001 - Shrank BBQ - Parker, CO
JUNE 20th 2001 - House of Rock - North Glenn, CO
JUNE 9th 2001 - Cafe Eurphrates - Denver, CO (CANCELLED)
MAY 23rd 2000 - Tim's BBQ - Parker, CO
ARPIL 29th 2000 - Garden Theatre - Greeley, CO
ARPIL 22nd 2000 - Ponderosa HS - Parker, CO
MAR 19th 2000 - Ecks Saloon - Lakewood, CO
FEB 25th 2000 - Parker Barn Show - Parker, CO
FEB 2nd 2000 - Beetle Beanery - Greeley, CO
NOV 15th 1999 - Himmie's Pub - Aurora, CO

1998 - Records lost
SEPT 6th 1997 - House party - Parker, CO

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2015: Stills from Five minutes with Biff - Season 3
2012: Biff at Bushwacker's Saloon (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Jo Ann
2012: Biff at the Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Jo Ann
2011: "Five Minutes with Biff" cover photo shoot - Photographer: Matt
2011: "Biff or Die" album cover photo shoot - Photographer: Ray
2011: Biff at The Buffalo Rose (Golden, CO) - Photographer: Jo Ann
2011: Biff at Club Fix (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Jo Ann
Pics of Joe's Biff bass - Photographer: Dave
2010: Biff at Quotjete's (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Izzy
2009: Biff at The Three Kings Tavern - Photographers: Leasa & Drew
2008: Biff at The House Party (Centennial, CO) - Photographer: Stu
2008: Biff at PT's Club Inferno (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Izzy
2008: Biff at Bushwacker's Saloon (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Rita
2008: Biff at Wyatt's Torch (Aurora, CO) - Photographer: Matt
2008: Biff at Cricket on the Hill (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Tim
2008: "FFIB" album cover photo shoot (Parker, CO) - Photographer: Gia
2008: Biff at Herman's Hideaway (Denver, CO)
2007: Biff at Bender's Tavern (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Rita
2007: Biff at Bruno's Saloon (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Neil
2007: Biff at The Toad Tavern (Littleton, CO) - Photographer: Rita
2007: Shots from the "BIFF OF DUTY" photo shoot
2007: Photos from Quixotes True Blue (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Rita
2006: Biff at the Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO) - Photographer: Rita
2006: Photos from practice - Photographer: Rita
1997-2002: Various photos from the early days...Photographers: various


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Alphabetical by Dave Peterson:

AHH FUCK I live my life, in a span of time, and some day I know I'll die, I want you here, here with me. It just sucked... AHHH FUCK! She controls me, this cannot be, why can't she see that she's killing me? I have knowledge, about the time, that you got left behind, and you swore that you'd catch up, but in the end you just got fucked! AHHH FUCK! She just hates me, this cannot be, fear consumes me, God she's killing me!

AJA MINOR Swell back view of tattoos. Gamble all for love, you've got nothing to lose. You asked for my heart I refused. Hoped you'd understand, you can't bear the news. This is a life that we choose. Don't blame me, I'm not perfect for you. Self medicate with booze. Well, whatever you've got to use. It was a swell back view of tattoos. Porcelain skin and those baby blues. You've lived a life of abuse. I tried to pretend that it's not the truth. There is beauty with in you. I know that now with your kiss to prove. Made love to me and we fused. Discovered I'm afraid that there isn't room for two. It was short lived, so we tried. Short lived, so goodbye. And hello, to new possibilities. And hello to desired destiny. Aja! You were not minor. Aja, you lit a fire, within me. And true love, we both shall receive. So conceive. I will remember July. I will remember, your final words, goodbye...go live your perfect life! I've gotta find a new bakery.

APSIS Headstrong, cantankerous, hits the bottle hard. Can't buck for dreams created, they're too far. Get in your car and drive. This subterfuge bought and paid for, a dime a dozen, by the blaming finger pointers, the one's you cozened. Get in your car and drive. Years go by as dreams slowly die. And we can't help but wonder how…we came to be six feet under. It's okay my friend. You blacked out again, but you know I'll take care of you. Get your dizzy head inside, I won't let you freeze tonight. Get in your car and drive.

AUBADE Instrumental - no lyrics.

BEEF It's not like me to stand and preach, but I've got a few things to say. I don't like the way you came and acted like you owned the place. Yeah, what gives you the right to stand here and fight as if you had a just cause? Like white on rice. Like stink on shit. I'm on to you, you misconstrued all the things I tried to explain to you. What's the point of fighting a war when you don't care anymore? So I tender my resignation, this anticipation is fucking killing me. Unsuspecting, little seedlings, heading right for the impending slaughter. Now we've got beef. No other than my brother… How could we? Never thought I'd see, us cross the line in this lifetime. What gives you the right to stand there and fight as if you had a just cause?!

BEFORE THIS CROWDED STOREFRONT Instrumental - no lyrics.

BEST DAY This was the best day, that I ever had. You gave me back to myself, I got to see who I really am. Don't forget me. You told me a secret. You told me you loved me. And you sure did show it. I can't listen any more. Not that I don't care...I wish you well and send you on your way, I hope you find some comfort there. Just don't forget me. Send me a letter. Give me a kind thought, for better weather. This was the best day that we ever had. Head up north and remember why we're sad.

BE THAT AS IT MAY Five years. Ten months. Three hours. Fifty two seconds you son of a bitch! I've been here waiting for you, to show your self to me, to make me believe, in you. Come clean. Did you ever stop to think? Did ya ever think to act? Did you ever wonder what the consequences of your actions might be now? It's been six years, and eleven months. I can't keep counting down the minutes cause it's heavy on my heart. Be that as it may. It's still no excuse, for all the people that you've abused. So just show your self. Stop hiding. Stand up and take it like a human being. I can see you. Where are you? You can no longer hide. You son of a bitch! I've been here waiting for you...

BIFF BLUES My baby left me just the other day. She took my money, and drove my car away. She started laughing like the wicked witch of the west.You know what I say about you baby...YOU'RE A FUCKING BITCH! I said my baby left me just the other day. She packed her bags and went her own way. And I really loved her but she didn't seem to get it. You know what I say about you baby....YOU'RE A PIECE OF SHIT! Ya! I got the blues, I got the Biff blues... My baby came back to me, just today. Said she couldn't live without me, said she wanted to stay. She said me make a good couple, we make a great team. I just bent down, and I started to scream. AHHHH! I got the blues, I got the Biff blues...

BIFF IS A SEX MACHINE Let me tell you about a machine, a machine that's smooth and a power fiend. It will run all day, it will run all night, so you best pull down your pants and hold on to your ass tight! Biff is a Sex Machine! I said let me tell you about a machine, a machine that runs runs just as smooth as you please. But please don't shut it off or you'll be such a tease. You'll get stung, stung, stung, by a fucking bee. Oh Biff, you're such a sex machine... Yeah rock!

BIFF OF DUTY War machines are pumping strong, taking lives and righting wrongs. Justify this raging run, retaliate to show we're stong. War machines are pumping strong, the allies have our backs and guns. Brave men who will bear these arms, and so we sing this sad song. It's your purpose, to deliver death. I can't stress this, enough there's nothing left. Could this be a mistake? Stop this destruction before it's too late. The victory girl and the wolf await. Let them enter heaven's gate. The hell of battle will soon negate, the stress of war is too much to take. Do your duty, do your duty to God and your country! I can't help it. I don't want to die. I have to fight. Don't know how to fly. When the shit goes down. You don't wanta get fucked. So I wish you a lot of luck. (Good luck). Cause Charley, and Gerry and ToJo are all around! Closing in. Closing in... This was your purpose, and now there's nothing left.

BIFF OR DIE Fear of death, taints a life worth living, make no mistake, your dying day is coming, be not afraid, worry is worthless be remade, just accept, that this life is changing. Walk, a path, without, regret, because, the past is a cancelled check. We want to be validated. We want to be reparated. I want to know that you know that I exist. I want to know that you know I bleed red. Walk, a path, without, regret, because, the past is a cancelled check.

BLUE RUIN Calamity Enlightens me. It's a revealing situation. Humanity confronts me, with all it's beauty and it's horror. And all that motivates certainly cannot wait. We demand instant satisfaction. Conquered by, conquered by the blues. Convictions are, convictions are obtuse. Calamity frightens me. I can see every dark angle. A sign of things to come, blood-spattered battles won, as we brave our collective adolescence. Terra, Terra, Terra Firma. Conquered by, Conquered by the blues. Convictions are, convictions are obtuse. Calamity confuses me. It seems we have nowhere to turn. Should we trust guiding words? Even when they seem absurd? We recall no advice from our mother.

BORE THE BRUNT Tried to buy us some time. Let this pain be a sign of my foremost eagerness in your absence. This ain't no masquerade. You've got yourself under cover. Trying to hide from another damn false thought. So let us dance again, for in our hearts we're still lovers! Don't let this distance be a bother, it's a bother, a bother! So I bore the brunt, and it wasn't fun and I felt so lost! This ain't no masquerade. You've got yourself under cover. Trying to hide from another damn false thought.

BRICK BY BRICK Crimson hides, but never lies, if given a chance, it shows you why, blood test's the best, hold out for love, settle for less, if given a chance it shows you the best, desire is real now manifest. Build it up, brick by brick, the only way to live, self confidence. Bulid my life up with self confidence.

BROCAS APHASIA Instrumental - no lyrics.

BROKEN HAND Bad luck, it seems to follow you, everywhere that you go to. Don't fret cause there will be an end to all of this madness. Been left to life with a broken hand. Condolences, this fucked up your plans. Can't even keep on playing with your band. We really wish you could just make it man. You can't J.O. with a broken hand. Broken hand. Here we stand now on the pillars of medical science. Let it heal.

BULL SHIT Bring that shit in! Everyday you tell me the lies and you expect me to believe them, every time. Well I don't mean to bitch and I don't mean to cry, but I'm gonna fuck you in the fucking ass if you don't get the fuck out of the way! Bull shit! You're full of bullshit! You know you've got a lot of nerve, you're a beautiful, burning, bitchy bird. You're gonna get what you deserve... I'm going to bend you down and teach you what you need to learn. Bullshit! You're full of bullshit! Ooooohhh bullshit!

CEREBRAL CORTEX CATASTROPHE Instrumental - no lyrics.

CHIVALRY Where is your chivalry? Honor, valor and dignity?! You take for granted her energy, trapper-box-hoarded, its a travesty! Be a man, so I dare, you have to let go of arrogant ego fuled nightmare – I don’t doubt your intentions. Excuses are not conducive your survival is unconditional. Where is your chivalry? Honor, valor and dignity?! You take for granted her energy, steadfast towards a means of ravishedly, its not fucking fair you’ve had the taste of her treasure. Don’t waste your time. And don’t waste mine. This will not stand, this is not right, I wage this fight, our song slips into darkness. If you will not love, you will not have, so treat her right, or lose her you mother fucker!

CHOOSE YOUR BEAST No I won't force you. No I won't believe you. No I won't let you, won't let you come and break us up! Yes you have hurt me. Yes you have forced me. Yes I have hurt you. No I won't let you, won't let you come and break us up!

COMMANDEER If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to hear it. Does anybody give a flying FUCK?! It's too bad we can't transcend this sadness. I hope this is a fucking joke. I cannot fathom the punch line to this elaborate hoax. To commandeer, this common place, and soon erase, to save some face. We cannot win, can't win this race. Best to sit back and slow the pace. You're Goddamn, you're Goddamn right. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to notice, does anybody even care? About this despair.

CORINOUS JENSENOUS Corinous Jensenous, He found love...Corinous Jensenous, open the heart...Corinous Jensenous, What do you find? Corinous Jensensous! Corinous Jensenous, Stubborn Taurus Corinous Jensenous, son of a bitch! Corinous Jensenous, fucking cock...Corinous Jensenous!

DAMN I love your eyes. I love your mind. I love your hair. God Damn your not there! Fucking bitch, you piece of shit, you fucking cunt, you're such a slut. You've done enough to fuck yourself now go to hell you bitch! I love the dare you gave me I swear. You've got some issues you've got to try to sell! Damn That was a Biff!

DEATH OF A KING None of this matters anymore, no, none of this matters. Your message has been lost over all of these years. Who died and made you kind of anything? It's an illusion. This is my conclusion. Who died and made you king of everything? Millions did. Millions and millions did. Their blood is on your hands, you king of carnage. It wasn't your intention. But look at what you did. Who died and made you kind of anything? You did.

DECISION TIME Want to feel you closer. What's this here between us? Wrapped around me like a harness, I can't breath and now, it's decision time. Will we create what we fear of mind? So far ahead of time. Do I know? I just want to go. Here I hold the light, let it show me the way to go, even in the dark of night. Keep this positive flow, present here strong and tight. Head, heart, flow, right? All of the vital signs, keep this energy aligned.

DENY THE INEVITABLE AND FEEL SAFE And so the winters come and we’re frozen numb. Still water cannot fall we, cannot beckon the thaw it, sees we’re deserted by the sun. Obscured by the clouds. It seems there’s only one way out. I know we’re running out of time. I know there a deadline. Now the summer’s here. This burning hell we fear. Dry tongues recall the worst with no quenching of thirst it seems we’re punished by the sun. Exposed without clouds. It seems there’s really no way out. I know we’re running out of time. I know there’s a deadline. And so it seems we are destined to destroy ourselves. Armageddon. Get on. Armageddon.

DERKA JIHAD God damn you don't know. God bless you need help to get back to the center, give her what she needs now. There no time now, you've waited too long to act. Do it now or you'll regret every second for the rest of your life. Capture still frames in your mind. Emotions serve you well until the ego dons it bias. A pleading emotional side track. It doesn't have to be this way. Look up and out. You know it's there for you. Just reach out and take it. Don't hide now. Show your self how. You are the one. That you need. It's true, the Earth will have circled around the sun many times, you will look down to the warn soles of your physical shoes and know that every step you took was worth it, every breath you took was delicious. This life really is a gift of unspeakable proportions. So smile now and know the truth, that you are God.

DISTURBING BEHAVIOR Disturbing behavior is now the standard way of living it's something to ponder, how we all got so lost we just wonder. We're such dumb fuckers, oh God it's no wonder! We must wake! Up to the, the fact the we are not free! I am lucky to have gained the mind set of a person who wants to get out of this. I've been to the edge and I've looked off the cliff. I'm going to jump this time it's not going to be a biff!

DRUGAS DE LA MUARTE (English version) (English version) And so it seems your loved ones have failed you. Their affection came too late and was half-hearted at best. And so you turned to a different kind of lover…one that wouldn't betray you, or so it seemed. So you leaped into the fire and burned until you were numb and no one fetched any water…And so you burned until you felt nothing. Finding alternate realities seemed to be a solution. It seemed to be an escape from the pain. But it only became harder and harder to come back to the real world. This life is not for the faint of heart, but grueling trial day by day. And so your drug of death has come, it acts like a mother of mercy. We face this somber truth There’s nothing left to lose So tell me who gives a fuck!? Mother of mercy, mother of three, what about the child you leave behind? Drink to ease the pain, of your final days, I hope you rest in peace. Your drug of choice, cause it fills a void, but then leaves a deeper hole. It leaves you numb, you think it’s fun, but it’s fucking killing you. Always filled with hate. This brilliant body acclimates. So what’s your choice? To scream with your voice! Drugs! Drugs are your answer. Drugs are your solution. Drugs are your master. Your heart beats faster. Drugs are your vision. Drugs are your fiction. Drugs!

ELEVEN THIRTEEN Step one: suggest a rendezvous. Step two: she accepts the proposal. Step three: buy a plane ticket. Step four: get on the fucking plane. Step five: arrive in the Pacific Northwest. Step six: the woman picks you up, be sure to have at least one long stem rose in hand. Step seven: she takes you back to her upscale downtown apartment. Step eight: before long allow yourself to be pulled into a long embrace, followed by a passionate kiss. Step nine: fall back in love with her while simultaneously making love to her. Step ten: proceed to enjoy the greatest weekend of your life, be sure to take plenty of mental photographs and note you will be intoxicated just as if you were on a psychotropic/mind altering drug, and you better believe the come down will be fucking intense. Step eleven: tell her goodbye while literally and figuratively kissing her goodbye. Step twelve: get back on the fucking plane. Step thirteen: fly the fuck home. Step fourteen: do whatever necessary to let her go.

EVEN THE SUN WILL DIE At the height of arrogance, we assume with opulence that you're immortal. So you forfeit a dying wish, ever guarded with clenched fists, listen for secrets on the solar wind. Nuclear fusion, finite as fuck! Shine on you brilliant star! You've sustained us thus far! Ever dizzy as we spin round and round you. Die! Die! Die! Even the sun will die! Eclipse will shroud us, bath us in darkness, the seas freeze as we witness. Even the sun will die, the only mourners are cold dead worlds that circle, they will honor their dead red father, dead red father, their dead, red father. Red dwarf.

FAST AND FURIOUS STOP! Slow down! Look around! Let go, of ego! GO! GO! GO! God damn the fast and the furious. Live lives so luxurious. It makes me fucking furious, they don't know what I know. NO! NO! NO!

FAN OF URINATION I'm a fan of urination, pissing all over the place. Don't bother shitting, cause shitting's just a waste. You've got to find that special place, to let the yellow river flow with such grace. Wiz! Wiz! Wiz! You've got to take a Wiz! When I was a little boy I use to piss my pants. Until I found the toilet bowl it put me in a trance. I knew it was love at first glance, I can't describe the feeling of having dry pants.

FFIB You tell all your fibs, your life is nothing but, finding fault in bitches, issuing stitches. Something's gone wrong here. (Do you think they're on to us? I think it's more than likey. Could the be following us? I think it's definitely a possibility. I better think of something intelligent to say). You've got this all wrapped up nicely, you've got it all figured-the-fuck-out! So don't pout. This world is not what it seems to be. A phantasmagoria, a shifting scene. You tell your fibs because you live. You tell all your lies and soon you'll die...

FUCK PLAN B A thirst to never quench. Water rendered useless. As the body burns, we look forward to the inevitable. No more excuses. We'll fly by night, red eye redivivus please! This life. Surely there's a place and time. Enjoin for some peace of mind. You're addicted to, his sweet sweet abuse. This wasn't part of the plan. That's forgetting who I am. At the mercy of a shyster's scam. Let reassurance deliver us. You'll be hard press to find someone to do your bidding. I'd be impressed if you actually pulled it off. The one you seek is out there somewhere, searching, calling beckoning you, haunted by all of the horrors of a half lived life. This wasn't part of the plan. That's forgetting who I am. At the mercy of a shyster's scam. Let reassurance deliver us.

FORTY HOURS It's not a matter of opinion it's a matter of fact. Regardless of what you try to do you always end up with the shaft. Getting worked over by the man each and every day of the week. You think, "Goddamn if I didn't need this job I'd say future of employment looks bleak". Do what you're told, do it. It's not a matter of option it's a matter of mandatory chore. Lucky enough to derive a paycheck/sense of purpose? You think "What the fuck am I working for?" This is not my life. This is not my time. Forty hours, forty more.

FRUSTRATION Over 8,000 days and nothing yet, to hold her heart to benefit, he's desperate for experience, to feel her touch, to breath her scent, he want her, she wants him, but he can't seem to make it happen, it's colossal, the fear wins, foreboding, doesn't matter where you've been. Frustration, is eminent, if you keep thinking about it. Blood will boil and neurons fire, soon we all will succumb to desire. To be surrounded, it's a good thing a woman to teach you the yin and the yang. You're a coward. Will you ever feel her heaven. Frustration, is eminent, so just stop thinking about it. The fear will hold you...back.

GATHER AROUND Well...gather around and I'll tell you a story, a story about a boy and his band. The band's called Biff...and you bought their CD so I hope you're a fan. The singer can't sing, the bass player can't play, the drummer can't keep a beat. All they do is scream and jump around and they probably beat their meat. So sit right back and enjoy the songs, they're probably better after a few hits on your bong, we're gonna rock and we're gonna talk, so you best hold onto your socks. Oh, the singer can't sing, the bass player can't play, the drummer can't keep a beat. All they do is scream and jump around and they probably beat their meat. Yeah and I don't care, I don't want to throw a fit, but I gotta go, I gotta take a shit!

GET DOWN Get down in the dirt. Find out what it's worth, to experience this misery. There is much to be learned, lesson that is earned even though it fucking burns! Burn! Burn! Burn! No pain no gain you gotta mother fucking learn, learn, learn to turn it into something positive. Death comes for us all. It usually happens when we fall. Some choose to take dive. You got to learn to die while you're alive. In the world we're all fucked! Got to learn to wake up. And will we ever become sober? Not until hell freezes over. Burn! Burn! Burn! No pain no gain you gotta mother fucking learn, learn, learn to turn it into something positive.

GRAND SLAM Tell me the story, about the time, when there were four girls in line. You said that you did them all. Man have I told you what's that's called? GRAND SLAM! Measurements of status symbols. Allegations that you are liberal. All the things that you claim are just images to boost your name. SLAM! GRAND SLAM! The more that I think about it, the more that I can't live without it. Then you claim that you can help end the pain of what I've felt! GRAND SLAM WRAHHH!!!!

HEART ON SLEEVE You don't know my name. You can't see my face. You don't know who I am. Take a walk in my shoes. Tie the laces of my shoes. Put you small little feel inside my shoes and take one little step inside my shoes. You say I wear my heart on my sleeve, for all the wrong people. But you don't know what she means to me, so how can you understand? You can't. You don't know how she feels, you don't know how she tastes, you don't know what she's like when she kisses my face. She is dignified, I am justified. She is dignified and I don't need to be justified. You say I wear my heart on my sleeve, for all the wrong people. But you don't know what she means to me, so how can you make demands? You can't. This world is on purpose. This life is on purpose. This occurrence is on purpose. On purpose for a higher purpose. You say I wear my heart on my sleeve, for all the wrong reasons. But you don't know what she means to me, so how can you make demands? You can't.

HEAVY AND WEIGHTLESS Let's make a deal. Share it 50/50 cut the profits, reap the benefits. We've got a serious problem here. Heavy and weightless floating in the air. Tell me where you see yourself in five years? And will you be happier without your ears? I am your last resort! And I fucking hate that shit! We've got a serious problem here. Heavy and weightless floating in the air. So what's your problem dear? One last kiss.

HIGHER GROUND This is your last chance. Stop this now! This is a message of love. Take it now. Don't look back. Don't ask how. Trust in me. This is higher ground. Give up, your fear, take it here. Ride this train of thought. Tracing track and sea. Hold on! Wouldn't want to change to need. Ya! Rip head off, hold it high, keep chin up, happy when we die?! This transition, made your transition. Transition.

HONEY BUNCHES OF DEATH It wasn’t automatic and I assumed too much. That this rendezvous could be the way it was. I felt God damned, betrayed, disappointed and ashamed. The woman, won’t run. She lingers on…In my heart, in my head, all I see is red. Cause of what I did, so I fled, so I fled…There we sat, northern shore of Tillicum, in disbelief that you’d never be the one, it feels like all I’ve known betrayed me, I renounce all that I had once believed. How could I have summoned this creation? Our final parting chalked with shame and rejection, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, I disappointed the love of my life (we are at valley of the temples, with wind swept beautiful hair).

HOUSEBREAKER These are painstaking efforts to conceal myself. What are you trying to hide? Only every true color and reason I lie. Oh...That sounds exhausting… Yea it is and I could sure use some help. How can I be of service? Be a mirror, reflecting every reason I can't see myself. I can surely do that. No comfort found in truth. Antisocial efforts to dodge the sleuth. I'll keep one eye on the prize, while other watches my backside. I know What's right. Compelled to connive. So I'll take What's not mine, pretend kind and feel fine. The sins of the father, visited upon the many. Let all those who cross my path know my pain. The vacant fatherhood is a detestable stain; his absence finds a boy bound headlong for machismo. The unripe man of the house is clumsy in these new clown shoes. The weight of the world placed on such young shoulders, a prelude to buckled knees and a shattered spine, yet the devious youth has been produce, the choices he has made have been made under pressures previously undreamed of in young nightmares. Sweet dreams my son.

I CAN'T SEE I wake up to fight the day, I'd rather live it in a different way. I never seem to embrace the light, this pain twists and burns its bitter spite. I need to find a better way, to find the place I where need to be. I will not give up now, I'll fight to the end some way some how. I can't see, what I need. What I need... At least I have her, she helps me breath. She gives me all that I need. With out her I fear I'd fall, be crushed down and forced to crawl. She holds me up, enhances life, she gets me through every night. She gives it all, helps me fly. Makes sure I never die.

ICBD Acting parts of pointless gesture. It's even worse than the days of the old westerns. My viewing mind, it starts to fester. Got to stop producing these worthless pieces of shit! All the millions of dollars. I hope they feel taller. They read the stupid stupid text. Hidden by all the special effects! Take forty four! God you're adored! You keep getting more! Pretty soon you'll hit the floor. I'm so happy I steal from you. But you really steal my time. I can't believe how much your paid. You've got the life, you've got it made! God can't even watch this shit! I've got to stop it makes me sick to my stomach. I'm really pissed, I'm going to throw a fit. You're an inter-continental ballistic dick!

I DREAM OF DEATH Instrumental - no lyrics.

ILL COMPREHENCTION Eyoheohomnahaheya Seyowatahaneanohanea Hehoherlebeerlehableanwe Nabanbabnoho You're so hard to understand! I don't even think that I could shake your hand! Havalanoseasa Sewadesolatasanea Swzukiyamahakawasakiodgasa.

INJUSTICE IN ECUADORIt was midnight when the trucks came to Ecuador. Trucks containing armed men. Men with black ski masks over their faces. Men with one thing on their minds. They came to steal the children, rape the men..I mean ahh... rape the women. And kill the men. And we have something to say about that... Fuck the man! Yo check it out. You know what I'm saying? Talking about a story about pain and repression. Repression of the men's souls. The men's souls who have no where to go. Except for the places where they find their foes, the foes who pull the trigger and nobody knows where the hatred grows and pretty your whole family's eyes are closed. They're six feet under, under ground, their memories of happiness are nowhere to be found. Injustice in Ecuador is nothing to be ignored. It's nothing to be ignored, you know what I'm saying? Cuz all the kids that should be playing are lock in cages, being paid minimum wages, standing with their feet down. Getting beat down, a tear falls to the dry ground, there no water to be found. There nothing to eat, they're starving, so they have to eat the guy named Marvin. They have to fight for the right to live cuz no one seems to want to give. They have to fight for the right to live! Rock power! It was midnight when the trucks came to Ecuador. Trucks containing armed men, men who wanted to steal the children, and children who wanted nothing more that a place to live, food to drink, water to eat. Liberty and justice for all. ALL OF WHICH ARE ECUADORIAN DREAMS!

INSULTED I'm insulted by this assigned blame. Allegations lead to defensive games. Obligated to take responsibility. For my actions, it's what's expected of me. Wash my mouth out with soap, I've been a bad boy. It's madness, all around me. Can't tell the truth from my own lies and those I despise and it's no surprise. All is fair in love and war, so load up and shoot some more. You always listen to the man dressed in red, who sits on your shoulder, directs you to evil, evil bullshit. I'm insulted that your still the same, never changing your defensive games. Beat my ass with a belt been a bad boy.

IT'S ALL GOOD The bitch went to the store, she know exactly what she was looking for. The bitch went to the store, because she had to by something from... the store! Its all good, you know that I would help you if I could. You know you've got to love yourself, you know you should or pretty soon you'll have to knock on wood. The bitch was a big bitch, and she took a class on how to be a bitch. The bitch class said, "hey you're the number one bitch of the class" and she said yea! I'm the number one bitch!

IT'S A TRAP Rather be bludgeoned with… Rather die a flaming death… Rather bleed through my clinched fists, than take one more day of their shit. Walls are closing in. It's a trap I can't win. So I pray for the day. That I can get, get, get away. Head for the hills, because this 9 to 5 kills. Hey hold on you're almost done, you know this place has buried more than one. This cannot be your last resort, you've made a choice so suck it up, and deal all, all the shit, because you know you won't be brave and quit. You hollow man, you've sacrificed your love for life so it's time to die. It's time to die, time to die, burn, burn, burn, burn out and die. Walls are closing in. It's a trap I can't win. So I pray for the day. When I can get, get, get away. We're not helping. We make them worse.

JOCK ITCH I have made some observations about the way that people treat each other and I have found its not very good, why can't we just get along?! Jock Itch! Really Sucks! Why can't we just get along? Then you see the person walking down the hall who wears different clothes than you do, you could choose to fight or you can choose to ignore or you can choose to accept and you will sore! Jock Itch! Really Sucks! Why can't we just get along?

LIVING HELL There once was a flower that tried to bloom in the middle of the winter time. It said fuck you snow, you're so damn cold and you always ruin my life! You've got to watch out for those who make your life a living hell! There once was a fire that tried to live in the middle of a lake. It said fuck you water, you've made me a martyr and you always ruin my life!

MERCURY HAVE MERCY All that can go wrong will go wrong be sure this burden is law and punishment suits, those you cannot hold a vision, cannot find a reason, have not a feather left to ruffle. Retrograde, you've got it made, if your aim is fail preach to the choir they're listening to your cadence. For every action there is an equal-opposite reaction in the universe. Retrograde in your cadence.

MISCHIEVOUS All the pieces fall aligned you know we've got a real knack for coming together. Procreation is a sign and how we all love to harness the power. Well you've got me there, I can't deny that I love my life and I enjoyed our time. Kissing lips and joining bodies, we are the miracle of life and yet we can't abide and so we are: Going through the motions. Work to stray the focus. Stop to smell the roses. Pivot from neurosis. God given gift and thankful. Everyday expect a miracle. Deliberate dice roll intention. The fruits of labored invention. How dare you say were mischievous. How dare you claim that we've done wrong. How dare you call us sinners, when the truth is that we really are each and everyone Gods. So I hold my breath. How dare you call us mischievous. How dare you claim that we've done wrong. How dare you call us sinners when you are the one's who have perpetrated the fraud.

MORE HERE THAN IN ANY OTHER PLACE ON EARTH For decades we have piled deficit upon deficit, mortgaging our future and our children’s future for the temporary convenience of the present. To continue this long trend is to guarantee tremendous social, cultural, political, and economic upheavals. You and I as individuals can by borrowing, live beyond our means, but for only a limited period of time. Why then should think that collectively as a nation we are not bound by that same limitation. We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. If look to the answer, as to why for so many years we achieved so much, prospered as no other people on Earth…it was because here in this land, we unleashed the energy and individual genius of man to a greater extent than has ever been done before. Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here, than in any other place on Earth. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my upmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone. We’re not as some would have us believe doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing. We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow (Reagan, 1981).

MY BLOOD Now, my blood comes forth, I feel the change as I push, the fear from my mind. Who are you? Why did you choose me? Who am I? I'm no one. I'm your father, I can't fathom how this came to be. I submit. I surrender myself. I'm here to serve you, in all the ways that I have been served. All that's mine is yours always. Now I know it falls on me to teach you how to be a brave and reverent man. The way I hope I am. Now we join to give you life. With joy and passion we instill your sight. From the first of a billion heart beats there is no condition to this love son. Two became one, created a son, with all we are we welcome you home.

NANTUCKET There once was a man from Nantucket, who had a dick so long he could suck it. He said man if my ear was a cunt I would fuck it! There once was a girl from Carolina who had a very large vagina. Her husband say, "Hey! I would like to get a little pussy." She said, "Me too mine's as big as a house!" Oh Deloris, how's your clitoris?

NIGHTMARES ABOUT MONSTERS Had a bad dream. Ensued by screams. Beasts were chasing me. Bolted from them to flee. I woke up in bed. Covered in sweat, I was cold I was wet. To the brim filled full of regret. Didn't realize the chance I had. Could have conquered fears. Grinded all the gears. That spin in this machine. My blood runs thick in me. Attempts to retain messages from my unconscious have been futile; active imagination could be my only hope; perhaps I have held overzealous expectations of discovering answers to all questions; yet I'm compelled by concepts of archetypal images of wholeness in alchemy as I long to meld with the wisdom that created me. Could have halted fears that dominate my years as a human being on the planet Earth … Slay the beast (Earth…) that haunts me. I'll slay the beast (Earth) before it kills me. Nightmares about monsters. Bad dreams make it harder, to sleep without covers. Don't dare look under or be torn asunder.

NO RETROGRADE Thought I'd found passage. Thought they would get me through. Provided answers, thought made sense to you. Let us find impulsion, how else will we move? Let go convictions, I've been betrayed by you. This is the final stop. It's time to get off. Your currency considered counterfeit. Have to proceed on foot. It's a burden. It's a delay. It's a set back. All this time's been wasted. You know you can't do it over. You know you can't take it back. Just have to try to live with it. There is no retrograde. There's only forward motion. There is no retrograde. This is the final stop. You have to get off. Federal note was found to be fraudulent. Have to proceed on foot, you have to ticket. There is no extrication. There can only be forward motion. This is the bed I'm lying in. This is the place I want to be. Right here sleeping next to you. There's only forward motion. This is the bed I'm lying in. This is the place I want to be. Right here sleeping next to you. There is no retrograde.

ODE TO THOMAS You set the bar. You set the bar high for genius. Demonstrate this place for all of us. Ode to Thomas, he was the greatest man. Ode to Thomas, where would we be without him? Ode to Thomas, hear-sight-sound, not live. Ode to Thomas, you sir change my life. Your thoughts went far. Your thought went farther than proceeded. You redefined deliberate creation. Ode to Thomas, he was the greatest man. Ode to Thomas, where would we be without him? Ode to Thomas, you sir change the world.

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE Do the pieces of the puzzle all fit? Or are you going crazy in your head? Cleanse and wash and, take caution. Don't just throw it to the wind. The choice is yours, take it or leave it, take it or leave it right now. Don't look back and regret what you done. Never. Run all the way home.

PISS IN THE WIND Is this? Is this right? Is this? Is this fucking right? Pick a person, personal vendetta, because fear is clever. Is this? Is this wrong? Is this? Is this fucking wrong? Well we'll never know for sure because truth is subjective, truth is subjective, truth is… Pick an occupation, occupational hazard, because not of this really matters. Like two galaxies, bound for confluence, the only solution is avoidance. Yeah! Pissing, pissing, pissing, the wind.

POSTAMBLE Instrumental - no lyrics.

P.O.S. Let's go get stone and let's go get drunk and then we can puke all over ourselves. The cops can come and arrest our asses and then we can spend the night in jail. Piece of shit. Then we can go to court and pay the fine for our consumption ticket, the judge can assign us a lot of hours of some kind of fucking community service. Piece of shit.

PREAMBLE There are two or more gathered here, for the glory of the artistic endeavor, with the tools provided by great men who have gone before; we will etch sound waves into binary code. Make no mistake; it is immortality we’re seeking here. May this music be heard long after we draw our last breaths… this music. It’s known as the language of emotion. It’s what makes us human. It’s what separates us, from the animals. There are those who don’t understand. There are those who pay no mind. There are those who let it pass without proper contemplation. I will contemplate. I want to play music until I die. I need to play music until I die. I will play music until I die.

QUOTE THE BEN AHHHH!!! Step into the center and look at your depressing problem. The real trouble is you treat it like a hoodlum. Maybe if you wouldn't run away then you could find yourself today. Maybe if you wouldn't take the pill that makes you happy AHHHH!!! BEN! Angry Ben! Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben... ANGRY BEN. (Various donkey sounds, etc.)

RELEASED Become accustom, to this place. Learn to live, to love, to fear, and to hate. Sometimes wish so much, you could just escape. To stand still in the present, the one and only place. Discard opinions of everyone else, you don't need permission to be yourself. Just forgive those who offend you, the beauty we all hold, if only you knew. Live in this moment, for everything else is nothing but torment. The secret spaces, shrouded in silence. Open the doors, to peace and self reliance. The question that always lingers, how will we ever come to know who we are? The question that drives us, the question that haunts us, the question that will never leave us. Live in this moment, for everything else is nothing but torment. Deciding to be divine, become aligned, defy space and time.

REWIND Holding on to life machines for hope. Supported by those you can let go. And unwilling to see the blades of green. Unable to yield to endless needs. Perceived as a burden to truth and self. Haunted by the nightmares of someone else. It's time to wish it all away...We want life! Every time! Can't rewind! Give me mine. Paralyzed body, unmoving loins, recapitulate the hostile you've got this choice. So angry and so bitter in constant pain. The health that you desire is never gained. So release and allow, just let go or the power you have you'll never know. This body is yours to create again. This life you lead will never end. It's just so unfair that I'm stuck here in this chair. I don't want to be here and I am so scared. It like I've already died, but I'm still alive. Never will I thrive, it's all been one big lie.

ROCK/HARDPLACE How can this be? Have you dismissed me? Should I go now? Figure out how…I fucked up so bad, I fucked up be glad now I can just…fade like a memory. Cerebral cortex catastrophe I know that you love me. Don't ever question that never again. How can I leave? When I can't even breathe? Give me some room, and while your at it, a better attitude. I'm sorry I asked, I made a mistake, it happened so fast. Maybe we've got a future, we know we've had a past. And right now here's an opportunity, don't let it pass, pass, pass, pass…and…. Fade like a memory. Cerebral cortex catastrophe I know that you love me. Don't ever question that never again will we find ourselves between this rock and hardplace. Crow's feet walk across my face. Got to find some escape. So go love take some space and find what you need to be happy with out me. FUCK!

RUN FROM THE WALKER I polish my guns every night, just waiting for a home intruder. You want to come over? I would love the opportunity to kill you legally. I’ve got a bullet with your name on it. I haven’t decided if I’ll put it between your eyes or in your chest. Choices, choices. The 357 or the 45? Maybe the R1 or just the mouser. The AR15 stands a chance too. I’ve got a bullet with your name on it.

SCRAMBLR A collection of photos, meant for my eyes to see. Only wanted to celebrate beauty, but the men of the cloth don't agree.. Therefore I am a sinner. Therefore I'll burn in hell. Cause I'm not wired to seek forgiveness. Apparently my soul's for sale. They say that I am wrong, that I ought to repent. I should be ashamed of myself. My desires are inappropriate. And so I am a sinner. And my mind is not well. I've been corrupted by this perversion. Their moral teachings have failed…on me. Now just one question remains, am I feeding a monster? That keeps them awake at night, wishing they had chosen better.. Than to have exposed themselves to this world full of voyeurs. One fact we must acknowledge that they're someone's daughters. So I respect them. Give them to providence. Reject all those who would damn them.

SCREAM AND SHOUT Waking up alone again, I'm surly searching for something, or more like someone to have some fun with. Yes it's a woman I seek, a woman who can surly speak, yeah you know she speaks to my heart. Those big blue eyes, that Goddess smile, I think I'll stay here for a while in your arms oh kiss me now please. You send a shiver down my spine and all of my chakras align, you've got the voodoo magic baby. Scream and shout, you give me something to dream about. My desire to be with you is what we agreed to do in the time and space reality baby. You put the eternal in eternity each time that you speak, that sweet voice is what's calling me forward, yeah.

SCREAMING SONG So you're sitting in your room alone, looking around. You see a spider crawling on the wall, and you say to yourself, "Shit!"I guess I'm not alone after all! AHHHH!!! All day you're alone with your social wealth, and you say, "I need some time to myself." So you kill the spider on the wall. Now I guess you're alone after all! AHHHH!!! So you kill the spider on the wall, and you look down at the guts on your shoe And you say, "Hey, what if the God in all life really did matter?" So you feel like fucking shit! Are you ready for us to rock again? We're gonna rock again, after all! AHHHH!!!

SELF HELP JAM I was a baby when I came out of my mother's womb. I stretched my new body and looked up to the sky. I said look out world, you've got a new soul to grind. Misery, calling me. Consciousness, bring me back, home. How could this be? I lived my whole life and I never knew. I am free now. As I got older the world got to me, but I stood my ground I didn't let it stop me. Passion is what holds a person in place when all else falls away. Driven by the light within, guided by love and friends. Destiny is now in place. Never any time to waste. Chosen by those who care, find the joy to end despair, lay your pain down to rest and thank it for all it has shown you. I don't understand my could this journey ever end? We can't pretend. The secret to living a life of success and inner piece is to have a mind that's open to everything and closed to nothing. He who advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams will meet with a success on the path unexpected in common hours. You are loved beyond your ability to even comprehend, the entire universe is conspiring to assist you, so smile now and feel the joy that is your birthright. Stand tall and feel your worth. Let your desires pull you forward as the energy which creates worlds powerfully flows through your magnificent being. And now my dear friends it's time, to fucking rock! Now! Go to you heart and knock to be let in. You see freedom is not only something that we have, it is something that we are. It is the very essence of our being. True love is truly unconditional. Everything in the universe is vibration. We are all one. Let me tell you the most important person you will ever love in your life is your self. Cuz if you don't love your self how can you possible love anyone else?

SHARP CONTRAST IN DULL LIGHT Had your number meant to call, but had no courage left at all. That look of sorrow on your face was still too fresh in my mind. She put her child in a grave. What condolence could I give to mend this mother’s broken heart as she cries and cried and cried. She paid a price with this love certain there was no God above who would go and do this to her and in the memory of the night as he came forth she gave him life as this had always been her dream to hear newborn inaugural screams.

SILVER AND BRUCE Instrumental - no lyrics.

SKELETAL Yes it was horrible. She was his little girl. Heinous with all we know. Beyond despicable. The chart says he crossed the boundary and so we don't have much sympathy. His skeletons are in her closet. Though she'll try, her blood will never wash them out. And so this trauma thrives. Can see in it her eyes. Forgiveness is wanting to defecate on his fucking grave. Her cuts are deep. Her scars won't leave. Her limbs will bleed. She just wants to control her own pain. Her chart says he crossed the boundary. And thus explains our apathy. His skeletons will terrorize her and though she'll try, her blood will never wash them out. The perpetrator is at large. No heroes have managed to muscle him behind bars. Such atrocities cannot stand. The sweet sixteen slices up her arms and no one understands.. How does a man become a monster? How does a man rape his daughter? This is sick, beyond sick and there is no cure.

SOMETHING DEADLY'S BREWING Swift justice fails mercy's gift of time. Marauders still pay for their crimes. Kill the ones who perpetrate. Now imprisoned let you remain. Our most sacred credo's slain. How could just punishment be humane? Something deadly's brewing. Our hatred creates monsters. As here this horrid end results. We scream with fervor "it's not our fault" - Something deadly's brewing, in our hearts, in our heads. Something deadly's brewing, in mother's womb, tears and blood will soon be shed. And for help the bastard's reaching. I forget all my master's teachings. And the system fails again... We become more animal than man. Red tape regulates crass decisions made. The fucking repugnant pleads insane. What about the ones he penetrated?! And in your crime we can't abide. I just want you to fucking die. How this hatred poisons me. We fight fire, with fire... You didn't break her. Now she's even more beautiful. You didn't shake her. Now she's affirmed and strong and true. You didn't make her want to give up on her life, cuz she's an angel; she ascends to a higher light.

SPERM FACTORY Sperm...Sperm...Sperm Factory! Man's most prized possession, you know what it is right? A dick that's big and so fucking tight. Sex, Sex, Sex, is your only goal Your 're a fucking horny bastard and you've got no soul! You're just a Sperm Factory! You know that sex is the greatest thing, and you know you can do it cause you've got a wang. But it can be so much better if you love your partner, she's not just a thing that you can bend down and fuck her!

STUCK IN YUMA This is a sign post. This is a map. This is your guidance. Stay on track. Don't get discouraged. Don't turn around. You're stuck in Yuma. Tears hit the ground. You're Phoenix bound. This is a quantifiable journey. I am so gald to be living this contrast. Abraham you've taught to live at last. You're Phoenix bound, tears hit the ground, you turn around, in the direction you want to go, and march towards San Diego, go, go, go.

TATOOS Six hour plane, 50th state. Rendezvous planned I couldn't wait. Descended to Earth, touched the landing strip.. She received me with a hug and a kiss. I love retro-anything. I love your tattoos. Naked she tended her beauty. We stood in the smallest room. I pondered if someone should pinch me. As I gazed in awe with gratitude. With tan skin and tattoos, she motioned for me to come close. With blond curls, she leaned back, and I felt her every curve. Fuck retro-anything. Fuck your tattoos. Naked she gave herself to me. Enveloped in the smallest room. I wondered when someone would wake me. Now I wish to recall her pulchritude. Felicity and Arcadia; don't know if I'll ever get back there again and so I want to preserve every memory I can and so I'll Carve them here in binary so this sound can be read by light. Yet these retentions are so marred with feelings of loss and grief over these dying versions of myself because I am not the man I used to be twelve-five-twenty-three has long since left me, she is nothing but a fading memory. A belt of orchids and two guardian birds, will remain etched in ink, on her solar plexus. Now it's nostalgia and and it'sbeauty that I will never see again. Surrounded by ocean. The Earth's volcanoes venting near. You cannot imagine the depth of love I felt for her there. Buoyancy in moving water clasping arms pressed chest to chest where salty tides trusting return us to the shore where bodies rest. Resplendent light was felt when near you each time that I closed my eyes. Your tattoos left impressions on me and we are forever tied.

THE BURNING MAN WANTS TO DIE The rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, pertaining to a chemical change that is accompanied by a liberation of heat. This is a fire. At the ignition point, flames are produced. Flames consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. Fire emits heat and light. In order for combustion and fire to occur, three things must be present: fuel, oxygen and energy, usually in the form of heat. This says the burning man. He fears a slow death by fire. To show mercy and fan the flames. Hopes the smoke will seize his lungs quickly. Words are incendiary. Gonna need a Ladder truck. Only the precise combination of hydrogen and oxygen can save us from this arsonist. When a flammable or a combustible material, in combination with a sufficient quantity of an oxidizer such as oxygen gas or another oxygen-rich compound is exposed to a source of heat or ambient temperature above the flash point for the fuel/oxidizer mix, and is able to sustain a rate of rapid oxidation that produces a chain reaction. This is commonly called the fire tetrahedron. Fire cannot exist without all of these elements in place and in the right proportions. When exposed to a source of heat or ambient temperature above the flash point for the fuel and oxidizer mix to sustain a rate of rapid oxidation that produces a chain reaction.

THE BEAST WITHIN Get back to your animal nature and this world will spin around. The preferred nomenclature, insults breed fertile ground. With these territorial pissings, and these fights to choose up sides. Get back to your animal nature, embrace the shifting tides. Unleash the beast within. At Death's door you'll never win. It's the self you try to save. Seek revenge, dig two graves. A catatonic state of life. Can't ignore all strife. With sharp teeth you try to bite. Cause you know you're always right. Huh. Get back to your animal nature and this Earth will share her ground. Can't trust the legislators, our eardrums will hear the sound. With these territorial killings and these wars to choose up sides. Get back to your animal nature, sit back enjoy the ride. Oh mother, what have we done. Oh sister, he's got a gun. Will we be burned by the sun? Oh mother, what have we done?! Now we're back to our animal nature, and soon we'll be bound to get back to our golden center, listen for the sound.

THE CARROT DANGLERS We're dangling carrots in front of hungry faces. Incentive manipulates veracious minds. Inner motivation's lost, estimate fort coming costs, now who's losing their will to live. How can we expect the extra mile, from those who can't even take a step? Go pass your judgment, make your diagnosis, helping hands used to shove us down. Proud, proud, make us proud. Down, down don't let us down. This is a trap, there's no way out, but I'm not about to throw it all away! Get it out of my face! Get your carrot out of my face. Cultivate, your inner flame, let it never flicker. Not even when, the strongest winds, blow through your life.

THE COOLEST GUY In 1981, a child was born. And by his parents, we was adored. His name was Chris and he's the coolest guy in the world. No one will ever compare to the charisma that we unfurled. Oh ya! The man is a legend. He has the kindest soul. I swear he's the coolest guy, that you'll ever know. There's just something about him that makes it so. You'll never find a cooler guy, no matter where you go. He's the coolest guy! In the world.

THE END IS FEAR I fear change, more than anything. And parts of me are constantly dying. I can't fake this. I'm scared half to death. I can't hide the fact that I have regrets. Must strike a pose while I find my balance. Can't let them know that I'm wrought by fraudulence. Who am I now? Who was I then? Who will be tomorrow? A desolate man without a plan and consumed by sorrow. Now on two knees, nothing but septic air to breathe, and so it seems I can't ignore, this wretched vial lore. Yet this is her beloved book. Can't even bring myself to take a second look. And so I pour myself out. Expose and banish all my doubt. That this truly is my path. So I can be cleansed at last. And prepare for my impending parenthood. These things are too often misunderstood. I fear change more than anything. But some parts of me just aren't worth saving. Much like gangrenous limbs. Much like a cancer. I must cut and gore them out. I can't fake it. I'm scared to death.

THE GRANDEST GATE All of the eons of evolution's forces are pulling me into you. It's like a magnet. I cannot separate. This force attracts us, obliged to congregate. More than enticing. More than all I am and all I know. More than worthy of worship. With this mass and gravity I grow. Cannot contain. Drives me insane. Never thought that I could be so comfortable in such a very small warm, wonderful and ever so tight space. It's like a magnet. I cannot separate. This force attracts us to this, the grandest of all gates. This is the gate, gateway to the world. Just let me in. Just let me through. I promise I will always ask you. I know I am not worthy. Just say the work and I shall be healed. Woman you are divine.

THE GRAVES WE DIG May the weapons we choose pierce the armor of our enemies. May the graves we dig be for them. Why? Are we so quick to judge? Why? Do we hold this grudge? It flies in face of your philosophy. Why? Do I let it bother me? So unjust, so I just, want to terminate. May our only regrets die with our severed extremities. May the graves we dig be for them. Why? Are we so quick to judge? Why? Do we hold this grudge? It flies in face of your philosophy Why? Do I let it burden me? Sans unrest. So I rest, so peacefully. I have regrets. Won't forget to always punish myself. Go have a fit, "You piece of shit", cuz ya forgot who you are. Who are you?

THE POINT OF NO RETURN This is a new chance. This is a new beginning. I know you like to play with fire. Don't come around her asking for no water. Give me a penny, for my thoughts. Give me dignity, give a simple choice. What's the matter? This is a matter of fact. I know you like to play with fire. Burned, scream pitch black charred you're no stranger. The point of no return's in sight, the point of no return.

THE REPTILE SLUG Cupid you bastard, son of a bitch. You struck me down with your arrow tip. Now I'm helpless, bound and sick, contagious lies and nervous ticks. Continuation of your wit, manipulations crack that whip. Just who the fuck do you think you are? Kept on task and given chores. Working hard, working like a dog, this loyal beast is a creation of ours. It sticks like glue, these pieces new. Now you've got me stuck, stuck to you. Now I work day and night, just to prove and I implore you. Just who the fuck do you think you are? Kept on task and given chores. Working hard, working like a dog, this two-headed beast is a creation of ours. And I'm begging for mercy. God damn, we must, stop this, before we get hurt. I don't care anymore.

TOILET Different pipes, go to different places. Reaching for balance, homeostasis. Handed down from generations. Big bags of shit, but we don't have to take them. When you've got to go, you've got to go. There is no if's and's or but's about it. When you always know, you always know and there is no doubt about it. The eb'n flow. I think you should think twice. I think you should think three times before you do something stupid. It's a tragedy, this proximity, look around and down and so we go…Ascension, union, truth as above and so below. I can't believe it's so, truth as above and so below. Different pipes go to different places. Blinding lights and grimacing faces. Handed down for generations, big bags of shit, but we don't have to take them. Cause liberty is ours, from our forefather's scares. Will their sins become ours? We have to run...far.

TRANSENDENTAL AESTHETIC Traveling from here to there, redistribution of my fear. Dream will so unwanted things will my reality become the same? Does my mind play tricks on me? Will I ever get back to sleep? I want to dream of you again. This beating heart is ready to ascend. Ya. My nervous system. My sense and perception. Please don't tell me no lies. This time and space reality is mine. Hog wash. Taste buds. Receptors are hardwired to give us information, what to do. So don't lie. Don't you fucking lie. Floating her and above, redistribution of my love. Dream will so all wanted things. I hope my reality is the same. I want to dream of you again. To hold this beautiful perception. I know you wont tell me know lies. Go. This time and space reality is mine.

VEE FOR VICTORY Please come trough for me. VEE is for victory. You are the answer to every question. Flat line, don't give up this time. Just take what is yours, you know those bastards are keeping score. Witness why this is important. Crossroads run over this burning bridge. There will be no more sleep til morning, when the sun brings up our fear. Winner in winter specter revealing looming death. Heart must break through this icy rhetoric…cardio infarction.

VENERATE Wishing on your shooting star, wrong side of the bed conclusions. Insular, or exclusive or is it just a delusion? You know best, I can't deny. No one can see through your eyes. Head to toe, you're full of dread. Listen to the voice in your head. And what it said. To leave that man. You can bleed me. You can deceive me. You can hurt me for all time. Venerate. Venerate me. You know best, I can't deny. No one can see through your eyes. We'll walk a mile in your shoes, so we can see that you're not a fool.

VENT Have you ever wondered how its going to turn out? What's this life really all about? Well I do, I try to make every second count. I will not let my self be left out! OUT! I wont be left out! I want you to know that I endeavor to live how I want to. Not to please you, not to put a smile on your face. A smile that is laced with hate! HATE! A smile that's laced with hate!

VIBE OF THE NEW The thoughts that are filling your head. Choke lead, this vibrations dead. Bad heart beats thump around, filling this grounding down. Hold yourself in high esteem, I won't let it slip from me. Try to find your reason. Feel it and you'll see that, this is all vibration. Calculate this relation. Not too far from the truth, review all that you knew, hold the vision clear now, soon enough you'll see how. We are walking through, we have become anew, have are walking through, we are here.

VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE I've been given this body, with a heart that beats. Pumps and feels pain self worth down the drain. So we blame, blame, blame. Are we? Victims of circumstance with no hope for change? Can we look past this vail of slander? And give up this game… Hung my head in shame, cause failure is my middle name. Why do so many bad things happen to go people? Yeah! It doesn't seem fair and it doesn't seem right. How could I be the creator of my own life? I heard your story. It made me sorry. It made me want to disbelieve it all. Never again! Never again will you be a victim for this law of attraction. No! Fuck no! So many bad things happen…to good people. Are we? Victims of circumstance with no hope for change? Can we look past this vail of slander? And give up this game… Hung my head in shame…

WANNA BE You are a Goddess envy, you are a Venus note. Last night I dreamt you kissed me, and I didn't wanna wake no more. You make me wanna be, a gentleman on his knee, to hold your hand to see, you're the only girl for me. Don't need no make up, don't need no fancy clothes, you are a natural beauty and you got me saying oh my lord yeah. You make me wanna be, your lover on his knees, to kiss your lips and see you're the only one for me.

WHATS THAT Words of wisdom could help us all if we all took the time to listen at all. The moving finder writes the events so you can stop being so tense. What's that!? Confess! You were wrong! Now she's gone! Love could not be afforded for all that things that have distorted. Your life you feel has been hung out to dry, the only thing you can do is bend down and cry.

YOU'RE A FUCKING LIAR - A cruel thing has been done, in the worship of the shinning "son". It has been perceived, that it's for him and not for me. I struggle to know what he meant in all the things that he said, "even the least among you" can do it too. Yes, even you! Liar! Believing the lie, live it and you'll die. The first thing that you'll see is me wishing you peace. This cruel thing weights a ton, beats our hearts like a drum, beats us until we're cold and numb. Beats us, til it's done. Negative thoughts bring us down. We'd give anything to hear the sound. I know he speaks to me and silence is the only key. This cruel thing that they've done to obscure the true vision of the "son" has left us all in tears, feared and ignorant all these years. He came down from above to teach us how to live and to give and be free. But those fuckers lied to me! Liar! Just tell me the truth! Believing the lie, live it and you'll die. The first thing that you'll see is me wishing you peace, cuz I know where we go, the perfect way that we flow, the place where we can grow. Grow, grow, grow! 4.0 poorly designed by Crazy DP - 2014